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7 Interesting Offline Android Games For You To Try In Your Free Time

Played games is one of the fun activities to fill spare time. Currently, there are various types games challenging game that can be played via Android phones. Exist games which requires you to be connected to the internet, but some can be played online offline.

For those who want to save quota, games Android offline certainly an option. What kind of game offline The best Android you can play?

1. Minecraft

best offline android game of all time

Minecraft is games which was released in 2011 by Mojang and later purchased by Microsoft in 2022. Games It has received many awards and is played by millions of players every month. Minecraft was created by Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed by Jens Bergensten.

Games Minecraft allows players to create, modify, and even destroy the game area. character open-ended games, Only the player can know the exact end of the game. The concept is like playing lego, but via a cell phone or computer.

This very unique game invites players to think creatively. Many are addicted to playing it because players seem to be able to build their own world. Interestingly, Minecraft can be played on Android phones so it’s suitable to fill your spare time when you are anywhere.

2. Crossy Road

best android offline games

One of the games offline that you can play on your cellphone is Crossy Road. In this game, players are asked to control a character to traverse the busy streets. Interestingly, there is an element endless in the game. Players are challenged to bring the character across as far as possible from the starting point.

Not only the streets are crowded with vehicles, the characters played also have to pass through rivers and train tracks. In order to survive, it takes time and the right strategy to cross. Do not linger on a crossing because the character can be grabbed by predators.

You can choose a chicken character, a frog, and dozens of other characters in Crossy Road. The trick is to exchange a collection of coins that will be obtained during the game. Games This fun game is suitable for children to adults.

3. Alto’s Adventure

adventure android offline games

Alto’s Adventure is a offline games Very interesting Android adventure. In games Here, you will find an Ilama shepherd, namely Alto, who is chasing his runaway cattle. Alto uses his skis to explore the snow-covered Alps. Beautiful visual appearance makes games it’s impressive from the start.

One of the great things about Alto’s Adventure is that the time and weather changes are very smooth. The audio that appears also sounds natural. Players can imagine being in the middle of nature and mountains that are calm and cool.

The game is getting more exciting because there are many characters that you can use. With the character of your choice, complete the missions provided to level up. The higher the level of the game, the more challenging the missions will be.

4. Minion Rush: Despicable Me

best android games

Still remember the minion who acts silly in animated movies Despicable Me? Well, you can find them back in form games on Android phones thanks to the collaboration of Universal Studios, Illumination and Gameloft. In this game, the minions have to run to complete missions and level up.

The player’s task is to do swipe on the phone screen so that running minions avoid obstacles. Minions can also jump or do sliding. This action is done so that this character can achieve the given mission every few minutes. After all missions are completed, you can proceed to chapter next.

While running and completing missions, characters can also collect costumes. There are many costumes designed to have skills vary. You can collect and use it as needed.

5. Subway Surfers

best offline games

Play too games Android offline Subway Surfers is about a train chase. The main character is Jake. Jake and other characters commit acts of what is considered vandalism in a train carriage. Because of this action, they were chased by the authorities. Jake was running on the train track to avoid the police.

The game is quite challenging because the character has to avoid a lot of obstacles, such as tunnels, train barriers, and station poles. If it crashes, games done. In addition, you also have to complete the mission given. As rewardsthere are additional coins that can be used to survive in the game.

6. Plague Inc

android adventure games

One of games android offline the best of all time you can try is Plague Inc. In games In this case, you are asked to create a plague and spread it. Plague Inc was released in 2012 and developed by Ndemic Creations. Until now, there are more than 130 million mobile phone users who downloaded games this.

In Plague Inc, players can choose the type of plague they want to create. Next, you can determine the symptoms that will occur if other characters are infected. In fact, you can modify how the plague spreads and what the intermediaries are. Currently, there is also a new mode that allows players to save the world from a deadly plague.

7. Cover Fire

android war games
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One of games that fall into the category games Android war that can be played for free is Cover Fire. This game is suitable for those of you who like the military world. Games which requires high concentration it turns out to be very exciting. You are challenged to aim at the enemy accurately. Hall is quite difficult because the game is done via mobile phones.

For those of you who like action category games with attractive 3D graphics, Cover Fire is the choice. The appearance of the characters, the details around them, to the visual effects, are well made. Although it is quite heavy for a cellphone, it is comparable to the gaming experience you get.

Well, here are 7 Android games offline which you can play any time on your phone, even without an internet connection. Have a nice play!

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