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8 Android Adventure Games That Make You Feel At Home Playing For Hours

Among the various game genres that are on the rise, adventure games still have a place in the hearts of their fans. The gameplay is relatively light without the need to develop a very competitive strategy. Even so, you will feel curious to solve cases or complete missions in each level. As a result, you will feel excited and addicted to playing it, especially if the game is supported by attractive graphics.

So, what game do you want to play? Recommendation eight Android adventure games this can make you feel at home playing for hours!

1. Pokemon Go

pokemon go adventure game

Game based augmented-reality this must be familiar to your ears. In the role of a Trainer, your mission is to hunt down Pokemon monsters in the real world. You have to leave the house and look for it in a certain location. By activating the device’s camera, you can see the presence of the monster on the smartphone screen.

the fun, Android adventure games This requires you to be agile to move in order to catch as many Pokemon monsters as possible. In fact, at the top level, players can form teams and compete against each other’s Pokemon. If you want to add ammo, you can buy Pokecoins in the Store or get them for free by mastering the gym.

For information, since 2022, Niantic as the developer of Pokemon Go has modified the game mechanism so that it can be more intensely played at home. Some of these modifications include increasing the number of Pokemon habitats and providing a 99% discount on Incense items to increase the appearance of Pokemon. This is done to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

2. Despicable Me

android game despicable me

Best Android adventure game Another thing you should play is Despicable Me. Minion characters running in locations a la Despicable Me will make you excited. Apart from looking witty, the game mechanics are stylish endless runner with the support of this impressive animation will make you addicted.

As endless runner game otherwise, the character will run automatically. You just need to do swipe or sliding to avoid various obstacles. However… don’t take it lightly, okay? You have to run while completing missions that are quite deceptive.

Interestingly, you can collect a variety of unique costumes, such as cute ballerinas, surfers, spies wearing black suits, reindeer, and others. Each costume has its own advantages to help you complete the mission.

If you want to play without being bothered by ads, or add skills certain, you can buy items with real money. Currently, the price of the item is priced at IDR 3,000 – IDR 1,599,000.

3. Ice Age Adventures

ice age adventure android adventure game

One more best Android adventure game which was adapted from the animated film, namely Ice Age Adventures. Just like the plot of the film, Scrat’s pursuit of walnut seeds causes chaos around him. Sid, Manny, and Diego are separated from each other. They are floating in the ocean and are in danger of catastrophe.

Well, you have to help Sid to save his friends. While venturing into a stunning icy world, your character is tasked with overcoming various extreme obstacles and battling enemies.

Overall, this game from Gameloft offers a more relaxed rhythm, but feels alive. Charming 3D graphics will spoil your eyes, supported by the original voices of the three main characters.

As offline adventure game and other online, there are virtual currencies that can be purchased via credit cards or other types of payment.

4. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

pirate caribean games android

Do you want to feel the thrill of a pirate adventure? Come on, play the game The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt! Your mission is to become the most powerful pirate in the Pirate era. To achieve this goal, you must explore all the oceans and build a city.

Challenges come from hundreds of pirates who try to thwart your mission. Your adrenaline will be pumped when the game has entered the battle phase. The trick to winning the battle is to pay attention to the characteristics of the enemy, such as the type of ship and its speed, the number of cabin crew to take over, and much more.

It’s so much fun, you might be interested in buying ammo using real money. In-app purchases are priced between IDR 13,000 – IDR 129,000.

5. Oddmar

oddmar android adventure game

Android adventure game This one is indeed not as popular as the previous series of games, but the uniqueness of the story and the beauty of the graphics deserve thumbs up. The character, Oddmar, is a Viking who has a way of life opposite to the true Vikings. In the midst of confusion over his identity, Oddmar must carry out a mission to rescue the villagers.

The world of Oddmar offers something new at each level; you will find enemies hiding behind trees to mushroom monsters. In addition, you can undergo additional missions, namely the search for secret relics. In short, Oddmar features adaptive game mechanics, impressive animations, and beautiful background music.

6. Rayman Adventures

rayman android adventure game

You are looking for adventure android offline games? Rayman Adventures is an alternative that can be played online or offline. The reason is, there is no energy system that prevents the continuation of the game.

Rayman is present as a mystical character who has no legs, arms, or neck. However, he has the ability to throw fists forward. With his superiority, he was tasked with reclaiming the ancient eggs.

Your adventure with Rayman will be accompanied by Incrediballs. Each Incredibells is supported by special abilities, such as Inhalers, Protectors, and Seekers. In terms of graphics, the Android version of Rayman Adventures is not inferior to the console version.

7. Roblox

32-7 Robloxcom

Have you ever thought about designing your own adventure game? On Roblox, you can make it happen! This gaming platform allows users to design their own games, or play games designed by other users. Robux is also available as a currency for virtual transactions.

You are free to pour your creativity into a real masterpiece on Roblox. In fact, you can also make a profit by taking advantage of the monetization system!

8. Tinker Island

Tinker island android adventure game

If you like games that carry the theme of survival, Tinker Island is an interesting choice. Stranded on a tropical island, the character begins his adventure by building a base, searching for treasure, fighting enemies, taming wild animals, and much more. There is also a feature to choose your own adventure to assembling weapons.

Tricky Tribe as the developer designed the story with a tense setting, as if you were really stranded on a mysterious island. Your fun may be a little disturbed by the relatively large number of ad impressions, but you can buy the premium version. In-app purchases start from IDR 15,000.

That’s eight Android adventure games which makes you feel at home playing for hours. Surely you will be curious to continue solving puzzles and completing missions. If you want to level up faster, you can buy items in the game that are useful for boosting up skills-your.

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