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Want to GG with Valir Mobile Legend? Check the sickest build here

Valir Mobile Legend touted as a Mage hero support strongest that the player likes. Plus, he also has a row build sick item and skills which makes it difficult for the enemy to strike in.

As you know, success in early game so one of the keys that determine the ranking in Mobile Legend. So, the selection of a hero mage support who is able to actively contribute to the team’s defense in the phase early game so important issue. This is the time for you to get to know more about Valir, here best build the pain he could have.

Get acquainted with Valir Mobile Legend

valir mobile legends skin

It’s not Mobile Legend if you don’t have a story behind each hero. This is a short story about Valir.

Unfinished revenge

Valir Mobile Legend story It started with the murder of his father. This incident made Valir leave the Magic Academy and was determined to take revenge on Vale within the next 10 years.

One time he traveled to Inferno of Fire, where stands a dangerous volcano. Valir’s goal there was to gain power Son of Flame. After living for five years, fate brought Valir to Vale.

The two then engage in a fierce fight, but they guard against killing each other. The arrival of their teacher, Gord, at the end of the fight actually brought a surprising goal, namely Gord wanted to kill Valir who he considered a traitor.

The urgent situation actually led Valir to a new power. He managed to marry the power of his fire with fire that comes from a volcano. Valir’s body grew stronger, indicated by one of his eyes turning red.

The story ends with Valir who vanishes without a trace as the volcano collapses. Vale and Gord were amazed by Valir’s strength, but they believed that Valir was still alive and ready to take revenge at any moment.

Skills Valir Mobile Legend

valir mobile legends skill

Same with other mage type heroes, Valir Mobile Legend also depends on skills in order to release damage maximum against the opponent. There are some skills Valir’s you need to know.

Ashing is skills Passive Valir which is quite troublesome for the opponent. Once he releases an attack, the affected enemy will experience a burn effect magic damage per second for a duration of 4 seconds.

Burst Fireball Becomes skills main Valir. Damage resulting in extra pain. You can spam Burst Fireball if it can hit the enemy hero in a row. Fireball attacks with a long enough range can create magic damage large (235+80% Magic Power) and effects slow (30%) for 1 second.

Torrent Searing Valir uses to deal with enemy attacks. Once Valir dispels the attack, it will produce an impacted area fire boost knockback and magic damage quite sick.

Vengeance Flame is ultimate skills Valir in charge of eliminating effects stunned. In fact, when you activate ultimate In this case, movement speed can increase up to 50% for 5 seconds.

Build Valir’s Mainstay Pain Item

valir mobile legends item build

Then, like what? Valir Mobile Legend best build? To make it easier for you to act throughout the game, take a look at the recommendations build Valir items below.

Demon Shoes

Make sure you have this item on the list. This type of shoe is able to give +40 attributes to Movement Speed plus +30 Mana Regen which is useful for Valir power recovery. So, your Mana stock will be safe at launch spam skills.

Ice Queen Wand

You can add Ice Queen Wand in build items Valir. The reason is, this item can give you an additional +75 magic power, +10 Magical Lifesteal, +7 movement speed, and +150 Mana. Of these items, skills Passive Valir can create damage against enemy heroes by causing effects slow up to 15%.

Glowing Wand

This item can give Valir extra +75 magic power, +5% movement speed, and +400 HP. Unique passive effects also appear when Valir launches skills. Targeted opponents can experience Burn for 3 seconds, plus adds 1% of the target’s Max HP as a result Magic Damage.

Fleeting Time

Suitable for use when late games, this item can give additional Valir +70 Magic Power and duration reduction cooldown up to 15%. Of course this shortens the time ultimate cooldown Valir, especially after he obtained assist or eliminate opponents.

7 GG Tips with Valir Mobile Legend

valir mobile legends build

Now how can you reach GG by maximizing power Valir Mobile Legend? Check out the first 7 tips below.

1. Spam skills legal to do

Even though Valir runs out of mana easily early games, as long as you have pocketed the right item, don’t hesitate to spam skills continously. Make sure you direct Burst Fireball skills to the enemy target by doing zoning in lane.

2. Prepare build best item

Question build Items do depend on your playing style. However, for Mage heroes, you need to prepare three items that have a direct impact on mana, damage, and cooldown.

3. Don’t hesitate to deploy combos

Valir’s strength lies in combos that can limit enemy movements. Once you can release Valir’s combo, the enemy can be affected damage extra high. Make sure you do spam skills together with combos so as not to be directly CC by the opponent.

4. Fight in groups

Crucial moment Valir Mobile Legend lasts all early until midgame. Avoid laning or farming alone without the control of Tank or Fighter heroes. With a crowd when war, you can rely on the protection of your teammates while waiting for the right time to release combos.

5. Jelly takes advantage of the CC effect skills Valir

CC alias effect crowd control Valir in all skills also feared the opponent. Especially if you have another hero teammate who has a powerful CC effect, it is certain that the enemy is immediately paralyzed after being attacked. However, take into account the duration cooldown before wearing skills when fighting.

6. Avoid heroes silence

Got hit by a hero silence is Valir’s weakness. He’s almost helpless like that head-to-head with this type of hero, for example Helcurt. So, make sure the hero silence the enemy is already in action, then Valir joins in team fight.

7. Purify CC with ultimate Valir

Ulti is the reason why Valir entered the ranks mage top board. Just so you know, Valir can use effects purify moment ultimateis active. Thus, Valir can avoid CC like slow or stun, and can fight back.

Now you know the inside out skills, best build items, and tips for maximizing the game Valir Mobile Legend. Make sure you take care of Valir when team fight so as not to die the first time. Good luck!

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