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How to Play Eudora Mobile Legends and the Worst Build 2022

Eudora Mobile Legends is hero type Mage nicknamed Lightning Weaver. Character Mage in this game usually served to help hero else to do kill. In carrying out its role, Mage usually rely on the magic ability possessed.

Not just a magician, Eudora has several skills mainstay that makes it useful in the game. Therefore, you can consider hero this one as part of the game when playing with friends.

Eudora Mobile Legends Background

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Eudora was originally a student then became the companion of a skilled magician. Even though he was still a beginner, Eudora’s magic ability was great. The most mastered magic is magic with the element of lightning. With this ability, Eudora is able to control lightning very well.

The teacher was amazed by the ability of this young magician. Moreover, because his ability has exceeded the strength of his own teacher. However, Eudora was still not satisfied. He decided to Land of Dawn to develop his magical abilities.

Land of Dawn described as a violent region. Everything that happened there was absolutely terrible. Eudora chose this place with the intention of making use of her magical abilities.

Build Items that hurt Eudora Mobile Legends 2022

eudora mobile legends build

To use Eudora in the game, you need to equip it with build items right. Here are Eudora Mobile Legends recommendations build items which you can choose.

Magic Shoes

Eudora needs Magic Shoes especially on early game to take advantage of spam skills which he has. However, you can also use roam items first if you are a friend lane is hero carry. With items here, you can help hero carry related problems Crowd Control.

Lightning Truncheon

Utility Lighting Truncheon is to maximize each skills owned by Eudora Mobile Legends. Other advantages of items this is reflecting his attack to hero around it. As a result, arise damage from 20 to 2000 magic damage.

Holy Crystal

Besides that, you can also use Holy Crystal items when choosing hero Eudora in the game. Ability items this is extra magic. The unique passive that is obtained will increase Magic Attack up to 35%.

Divine Glaive

Hero Eudora gives damage who is getting sick with Divine build items Glaive. You can do counter to Tank heroes armed with items this one. Another advantage is creating damage large, especially for enemies with large HP.

Eudora’s Advantages and Disadvantages

eudora mobile legends character

Various Eudora Mobile Legends build items that is embedded can indeed make hero one is more capable. However, you also need to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to choose Eudora.

Depends on Passive Skill

If you pay attention, magic damage that Eudora inflicted on early game only comes from skills passive. Therefore, without skills passive, Eudora couldn’t do anything. So, player have to search build items which can optimize magic damage. Usually this can be found on middle game.

Minimal Control Effect

One of Eudora’s drawbacks is that it is easy to use.gank by the enemy. The reason is, the armor that Eudora has is very small. It only has stun skills that is Electric Arrow and can only shoot single target. Therefore, if surrounded by many enemies, Eudora could be in trouble.

Short Cooldown, But Big Damage

Behind the shortcomings, there are various advantages of Eudora. Among them are having cooldown skills short one. Skills what he has also produces damage the big one. Because of that, Eudora would easily bluff the enemy with spam skills. If you add items cooldown reduction and magic damageyou will excel in the game.

Killing Hero Alone

Another advantage of Eudora Mobile Legends is that it has a combination of skills that can kill hero alone. However, to do this, you need to be proficient at using skills the. This could cover Eudora’s weakness in terms of movement speed which is not very good. So, instead of trying to run away from enemy attacks, take advantage of the opportunity to destroy the enemy.

Large Skill Area

Excess hero Another Eudora is that it can be combined with hero initiators such as Gatotkaca and Tigreal. With that combination, as well as skills large Eudora area, your team will be able to win war.

Tips for playing Eudora Mobile Legend

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After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Eudora Mobile Legend, you can also devise a strategy to finish the game.

Attaches to Tanks and Fighters

The way to stay alive in the game is to always stick to Tank or Fighter. Superiority hero Tank and Fighter is strong when receiving damage. Meanwhile, Eudora could give damage to the opponent.

Use Combo Skill

Eudora has a number of skillsthat is Super Conductor (skills passive), Forked Lightning (skills 1), Electric Arrow (skills 2), and Thunderstruck (skills 3). So that you can destroy your opponent, use it according to the situation at hand.

You can use a 2-1-3 formation, which is doing stun with skills 2, then use skills 1 and skills 3. This combo will make damage which the enemy feels is more painful. You can use it on hero Mage

The second option is the 1-2-3 strategy, which is using skills 1 so that the enemy is difficult to escape. Next, finish with skills 2 and skills 3. You can use combos skills it’s on hero who has thick blood.

Use Strategy When Meeting Immune Hero

What you need to do when you meet hero immune is to wait until they finish issuing skills-his. Then, then use the ability stun or ultimate to attack the opponent. Hero These immune systems include Lancelot and Chou.

Here are some things you need to do when using hero Eudora. Before playing, make a transaction first via UniPin to buy a package hero which are desired. With an easy and flexible payment method, it will be easier for you when playing.

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