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Popular among Players, This is the Greatness of Minsitthar Mobile Legend

After the appearance of the hero Kadita from Indonesia, Mobile Legends then released a hero from Myanmar named Minsitthar. As a hero fighterMinsitthar is known to have crowd control the good one. For those of you who don’t know this hero, see complete information about Minsitthar Mobile Legend following.

The Story of Minsitthar Mobile Legend, National Hero from Myanmar

minsitthar mobile legend story

Minsitthar is told as a national hero from Myanmar who earned the nickname “Holly Spear” for saving his kingdom. It is said that he was once the prince of Maha Pura who from a young age had served in the Forces.

Over time, Minsitthar grew into a figure with the honorary title “Four Great General” of the Maha Pura Kingdom thanks to his prowess in war. This then made people believe that one day he could replace his father as king of Maha Pura. What’s more, he is known as a wise, diligent, and courageous person.

One day, he falls in love with a woman his father doesn’t like. Feeling he had made a mistake, Minsitthar then left the kingdom for many years. After the news of his father’s death, Minsitthar heard that the Maha Pura kingdom was in great trouble due to rebellion.

Not wanting to stay silent, Minsitthar gathered his former soldiers and led a war to drive the rebels out of his father’s royal lands. All the rebels were defeated and since then, Maha Pura was under his control and brought life in it to be more prosperous.

Minsitthar’s Strengths and Weaknesses

minsitthar mobile legends build

After knowing the background of Minsitthar’s hero, now it’s your turn to listen to his strengths and weaknesses so that he becomes more skilled at mastering this one hero.


  1. Similar to Franco’s hero, Minsitthar is quite good at luring opponents with his spear.
  2. It can also be game changer for being able to attract heroes carry the one behind the hero tanker.
  3. Expert paralyzing enemies with abilities crowd controlhis
  4. Able to surround the opponent with help skills ultimate-his. As a result, Minsitthar can provide damage painful for the target.
  5. Can be a good teammate
  6. Have durability the big one


  1. Less reliable to finish off the enemy quickly and effectively
  2. Minsitthar’s mana consumption is quite wasteful, especially when late game
  3. Known to be slow because it doesn’t have a good escape mechanism
  4. Skills Minsitthar is quite difficult to master.
  5. Not suitable for solo play laning

How to Play Minsitthar ML

minsitthar mobile legends skills

here Minsitthar Mobile Legend guide which you can follow in order to win the match.

1. Find out Who Counter Minsitthar Mobile Legend is

The first tip is to find out which heroes can finish off the Minsitthar hero. For information, Minsitthar is very weak when it comes to dealing with heroes fighter/assassin, such as Leomord, Zilong, Aldous, Roger, Magura, Martis, and Diggie.

Instead, you can rely on Minsitthar’s power to attack Harith, Hayabusa, Fanny, Helcurt, Lancelot, Gusion, and all other heroes. marksman.

2. Learn Skills Minsitthar heroes

Already know anything skillsskills does the hero Minsitthar have? If not, check the following points.

  • Passive skill: All United

Existence skills this passive makes Minsitthar receive an additional 60 gold for himself and 15 gold for his teammates every time he kills the opponent’s hero.

  • Skill 1: Spear of Glory

By activating skills 1, Minsitthar can thrust his weapon forward and all enemies in his path will receive 175(+180% extra physical attack) physical damage. Interestingly, when the weapon is drawn, the attracted opponent will be hit with an additional 150(+80% extra physical attack) physical damage along with effects knock back.

  • Skill 2: Shield Assault

Provides protection in the form of a shield with a strength of 200(+100% physical attack) and an additional 20% movement speed. Not only that, Shield Assault allows Minsitthar to explode and generate 300(+160% extra physical attack) physical damage to all enemies around him.

The first target to receive a hit from Minsitthar will be stun for 1 second, while the others get the effect knock back.

  • Ultimate Skill: King’s Calling

This is one skills which Minsitthar can rely on when playing. When King’s Calling is activated, it will summon four Royal Guards and perform charge forward a short distance. As a result, a competitive arena was formed for opponents to face Minsitthar.

The Royal Guard is able to provide attack (+70% total physical attack) physical damage to the opponent, while Minsitthar can gain upgrades physical and magic defense as much as 30 points.

For opponents who are in the area will receive a slow effect of 20% and cannot use skills type blink.

3. Choose Minsitthar Mobile Legend Build Best

In order for Minsitthar’s performance to be more robust, the next step you can take is to choose build best items. This is his recommendation.

  • Blade of Despair

Gives attribute +5% movement speed and +170 physical attack. He can also attack opponents who have HP below 50%. As a result Minsitthar will get extra physical damage 25% for 2 seconds.

If Minsitthar dies, you can use this item to revive him. Immortality will also restore HP by 15% and provide a shield that can absorb 300-1000 points damage. The attributes that you will receive are +800 HP and +40 physical defense.

This item can give you many attributes such as +250 HP, +5 mana regen, +65 physical attack+10% cooldown reduction+15% physical lifestealand +5% movement speed. Meanwhile, the next attack is able to give 60% physical attack as true damage for opponents and 10% movement speed for Minsittar.

This item provides the attribute +40 movement speed and +22 physical defense. Meanwhile, his passive ability will give you an additional 5-25 points physical defense every Minsitthar receives an attack. This effect can last for 3 seconds.

The last item choice is Queen’s Wings which can give +1000 HP, +10% cooldown reduction+15 physical attack. Minsitthar also gains a passive ability that reduces damage 40% and extra lifesteal 40% when HP is less than 40%.

That’s a complete explanation of Minsitthar Mobile Legend 2022 that you need to know. After reading all the information above, it means you are ready to play. Happy competing!

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