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Using Hero Masha, Omega Renzio Looks Very Good in MPL PH S9 Games

Renzo “Renzio” Cadua was able to show everyone how strong Masha is in the current meta.

This happened when Omega ESports won Season 9 of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Pro League Philippines (MPL PH Season 9) and eliminated ECHO with a final score of 3-0 without reply.

Against ECHO Esports, Renzio was able to show amazing gameplay in the second game when using Masha’s hero and earned 8/2/6 KDA.

Renzio Shows How Strong Masha is!

As we know, Masha currently seems to be a priority pick hero being contested in the competitive arena after receiving a lot of buffs in patch 1.6.66.

In the drafting phase, Omega Esports chose a draft pick for the second phase, taking a big risk when ECHO Esports had two late game guaranteed heroes that included Xavier and Beatrix.

In fact, Renzio had difficulty facing Frediemar “3MarTzy” Serafico’s Paquito in the laning phase, but he was able to survive and keep farming until he managed to secure his War Ax item.

Once she has the War Ax, Masha begins to press other lanes, forcing ECHO to defend their towers and play defensive play.

Masha tries to push another path, and forces Paquito to follow Renzio’s line of play despite having great difficulty.

They had their biggest chance in the 23rd minute after they killed 3MarTzy near the mid lane.

With ECHO’s main frontline gone, Omega immediately eliminated Evolved Lord.

As the lord stands firmly in the midlane to push the defense from ECHO Esports, Renzio waits in the side lane, hoping to surprise the ECHO back line.

The team battle is certain to occur when Lord will hit the base turret belonging to ECHO Esports, and Renzio waits for the moment when his teammates take out all the ultimates to cut almost all the HP owned by ECHO Esports heroes.

It was then that Renzio stepped in with Masha and defeated 5 players of ECHO Esports to carry out the first savage attack of his career.

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