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Jonathan Liandi's Opinion Regarding MLBB Public Games

If we look at the development of esports in Indonesia, it seems as if we are presented with very rapid developments in a field that has been very popular lately.

Over the past 3 years, esports seems to be something that is loved by various levels of society, especially in Indonesia.

One of the most popular esports games in Indonesia, namely Mobile Legends: Bang Bang which has succeeded in producing pro players who have given many achievements to Indonesia.

On the other hand, the developments that are also followed by the community (public non-professional players) also seem to follow the developments which have also been able to offer their skills, especially in this one skill game.

It is not surprising to true MLBB players that they often face such formidable opponents, even if they are not professional players or people belonging to sports communities and organizations.

In addition, he also received the attention of Jonathan Liandi or also known as Emperor, a former professional player of EVOS Legends.

Jonathan expressed his opinion on how the MLBB public lately has skills like a pro player.

Jonathan Liandi expresses his opinion regarding MLBB Public

Through one of his content with the theme “Empaction”, Jonathan Liandi had time to comment on the MLBB public who recently have above average skills.

According to him, these MLBB players have impressive micro and macro skills and can sometimes be confusing.

However, Jonathan Liandi added that, even though someone has very high mechanical skills, it is not certain that he can easily become a Pro Player.

Mentality can also be an important thing for a player if he has ambitions to become a professional player.

“Indeed, now the public are good at playing Beatrix, Fany. There have been so many who have reached the highest mechanic. But after that, what else do you want to achieve after the mechanics are high? It’s definitely a pro player. So being a pro player is not easy.” Obviously Jonathan.

What do you think?

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