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Ultimate Guide to Playing Yuki Magic Chess

Magic Chess is part of games popular Mobile Legends that trains you to strategize and balance synergies. At the end of August 2022, Moonton released Patch v75.1 for arcade games this. Turns out, not only gameplay which gets the update. Amount hero commander was also introduced in the release patches the. Yuki Magic Chess be one of them.

Well, here, you can get to know more along with skills and combo which can be used in future matches. Come on, read more!

A glimpse of Yuki, the Snow Witch

yuki magic chess guide

Got a nickname The Snow Witch or the Snow Witch, Yuki Magic Chess which comes from the weasel nation comes with luxurious white fur and purplish accents on the eyes and forehead. Skins This character is equipped with robe or a magic cloak in purple and white, matching her fur and face.

Yuki also carries a magic crystal which is both a symbol and a source of power for the series skills which he has. These accessories complete Yuki’s overall look which creates a cute yet elegant impression. However, don’t be fooled by its impressive appearance. If you have issued a series skills his mainstay, Yuki will make your team stronger so that it is difficult to beat the opposing team.

Skills Tough of Yuki Magic Chess

yuki magic chess skill

After getting acquainted with the profile and characteristics of Yuki the Snow Witch, now is the time to explore skills Yuki Magic Chess along with the benefits offered by each skills. The tough white weasel is equipped with three skills main character who supports his role as a magician from the weasel nation.

However, skills what Yuki presented was slightly different from commander Another Magic Chess in general. If most hero commander have two skills active and one skills passive, third skills all Yuki has is active skills. Third skills it is Deadly Snipe, Absolute Loyaltyas well as Charming. The following is a further explanation of each skills owned by The Snow Witch.

1. Deadly Snipe

Skills which means this deadly shot you can use in the session Placement Stage, which is when you prepare to play before the round begins. Once activated, Deadly Snipe work by gathering all of one’s strength hero others who at that time were in the area chessboard.

Well, when the round starts and games ready to play, Yuki will play an active role in taking Health Power from hero in his team. This power allows him to give damage big on hero the opposing team with the highest HP. It’s not enough to get there, Deadly Snipe skills will also have an effect cooldown for three rounds. Quite profitable, right?

2. Absolute Loyalty

As a sorceress, Yuki Magic Chess has a charisma that can influence hero other when playing. This ability he proved through skills second active: Absolute Loyalty.

Same as Deadly Snipe, Absolute Loyalty can also be activated once you enter the preparation stage in Placement Stage. So that skills this works, the first step you can do is choose one hero which has been saved in chessboard. later, hero selected will give Absolute Loyalty especially to Yuki—in other words, sacrificing himself.

The hero that Yuki has chosen will sacrifice himself by sharing where balanced to 1-8 hero another who is his closest friend. Portion where for each hero may vary depending on level owned star hero the. With this way of working, one of the Yuki Magic Chess guide powerful for optimizing skills this is choosing hero which has where highest.

However, you should also remember that the effects of Absolute Loyalty will disappear when hero selected is reinserted into stock. For additional information and consideration, Absolute Loyalty also brings effect cooldown the same as Deadly Snipewhich is three rounds.

3. Charming

Skills The third Yuki who won’t lose is Charming. After skills it is activated on Placement StageYuki will give effect Charm his magical power to one hero in the chessboard.

When the game round begins, hero already effected Charm was going to give Charm streak to two hero others on the left and right. At the same time, the two hero will sacrifice themselves and give higher power to hero first. As a result, he also gets extra Physical Attack and Magic Power which continues to increase until it reaches the target maximum HP.

It can be said that, Charming is skills development of Absolute Loyalty. Second skills it also has the same goal, which is to increase strength hero another on the same team as Yuki. Similar to Absolute Loyaltythe resulting effect Charming will automatically disappear and no longer work when hero selected pulled in stock.

Tips for Playing Yuki in Magic Chess

best combo yuki magic chess

To maximize skills Yuki has more leverage, here are some tips and strategies that you can follow:

  1. Always activate the best synergy and best combo Yuki Magic Chess every time use skills at the start of the game.
  2. Be careful when using Deadly Snipe. Don’t reduce the amount hero in the team by accident because if this happened, the resulting effect skills it will not work properly.
  3. Use Absolute Loyalty when you want to focus your attack on Skill Damage. Skills This is also quite suitable for use in strategy Hero Lineup.
  4. Charming Skills will work more powerfully when activated in stage lastly, especially if you apply Lineup with Max Level and Hero Core which synergize.

That’s a review about hero commander Yuki Magic Chess. After knowing the profile, skills, as well as some tips for playing hero In this case, you can choose Yuki the Snow Witch Weasel as hero in the Magic Chess match you will face.

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