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The Cute Connie Magic Chess and Her Three Main Skills

It doesn’t take long for Magic Chess to attract the attention of game enthusiastespecially those who were previously infatuated with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Since its release at the end of January 2022, this game mode from Moonton is getting more and more popular day by day. The developers are also constantly adding updates gameplay and introduce some hero tough, including Connie Magic Chess.

At first glance, Connie creates an adorable first impression. However, who would have thought, behind her cute look with a pair of big eyes, commander This little one holds a power no less than three skills main thing he has. Come on, find out more about Connie!

Meet Connie The Little Commander

connie combo magic chess

nicknamed The Star Catcher—The Star Catcher, Connie Magic Chess released at the end of October 2022, nine months after the release of the game mode Magic Chess in Mobile Legends. He was introduced as The Little Commander who are ready to compete with dozens commander others, such as Abe, Mavis, and Eva who had been introduced to several patches previously.

Connie is shown in the form of an adorable little lamb. Her soft-looking white fur is wrapped in a pretty robe in pink—or green if you buy skin extra for him. The look of this cute sheep is also equipped with a star pin on the chest and a small hat that is slightly hidden behind the thick fur of his head. Both of these accessories have a golden yellow color that sparkles like a star.

Connie’s appearance who is a Star Catcher even more perfect with the addition of a scepter studded with stars that he carries everywhere. As Star Catcher, Connie’s lead role in Battlefield Magic Chess is to strengthen players and collect more synergies so that you can win the game more easily.

Connie you can get for 24,000 Battle Points which is equivalent to 349 Diamonds. Once on the list commander yours, this little lamb will greet you with a cheerful cry”Hah-heng! Ahoo!” while showing his trademark moves.

Connie Magic Chess’s Three Main Skills

connie magic chess guide

As commander cute but tough, Connie has the ability to call for reinforcements while competing in chessboard. Commander this one is indeed the most reliable when you play it in team battle. Connie will benefit the team you play because he can excel in terms of the number of fighters.

This ability cannot be separated from the three Connie Magic Chess skills all of which are impressive. It is provided with one skills active and two skills passive. Here’s an explanation of the three skills Connie’s main. Understand carefully before you throw this white-haired sheep into the arena of battle.

1. Let’s Play!

Let’s Play! is skills highly recommended active Connie Magic Chess guide to start the game with greater strength. Skills you can activate this in the preparation session in each round. When using it, Connie will choose one hero in the chessboard as soon as he enters Placement Stage. He can also summon one hero another at random that has equivalent synergy with it.

This ability makes him quite tough from the start of the game. For your information, Let’s Play! Has effect cooldown standard like most skills owned by commander another, namely as many as three rounds of play.

2. I Want All of Them!

Capability titled I Want All of Them! allows Connie to choose one hero remaining after all Little Commanders others make their choice. Skills can be activated directly in stages Fate Box when the game round has not started.

Because it is one skills passive, I Want All of Them! no effect cooldown when used.

3. One More!

Skills Another passive that has Connie Magic Chess is One More!. Similar to skills before, there will be no pause cooldown that appears when you use it. However, how it works skills this is considered not to provide a significant advantage over the other two abilities.

Moment One More! paired on Connie, you can double hero The selected. Every time you buy a herothere is a 12% chance for hero the same to re-appear suddenly in the features shop. This condition can actually be used if you still have a place to hero another to present power and damage double di battlefield.

Tips for Optimizing Synergy When Playing Connie

connie magic chess skills

As strategy battlefield gameMagic Chess requires players to always be smart in developing synergies and strategies in order to dominate the game round above chessboard. When playing commander in the form of this cute sheep, you also have to know Connie Combo Magic Chess the most reliable.

Here are some basic strategies that you can play with Connie to increase the synergy in the game:

  1. Choose smart hero to be summoned, especially if you use Let’s Play! as skills Always pay attention to each other’s synergy hero and use your opportunity to choose carefully.
  2. If you need a certain synergy addition, choose one hero with that synergy before the system gives you hero random addition. For example, when hero the chosen one has synergy Dragon Altar and Guardianso hero others that will be called by skills Connie’s is hero with the same synergy.
  3. Use skills passive I Want All of Them! if you want to play online Lose Streak. Skills this will help you get synergy or items desired as well as additional hero which has not been taken by the opponent. However, you have to be able to accept reality if it doesn’t exist anymore hero remaining in stage Fate Box.

Thus the profile review, skillsas well as tips to play Connie Magic Chess which you can use as a guide when playing the game strategy battlefield this. In addition to following various playing guides and tips on synergizing combinations, another effective way to optimize each round of your game is in Magic Chess is with top up diamond.

On UniPin, you can do top up in various nominal for various choices games and game modes. Affordable prices and ways top up which will practically make you win every virtual match more easily. Have fun playing and be a winner!

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