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Pao Magic Chess, Commander with Powerful Skill and Synergy

Magic Chess, which is a part of the popular MMORPG, Mobile Legends, is now becoming more and more popular with many people. The community continues to grow day by day. Seeing this development, Moontoon—the developer games it constantly offers update after update to make the experience of playing more enjoyable. One of them is by introducing the character commander new, Pao Magic Chess.

Pao is here to complete hero commander others that have been previously introduced in subgame Magic Chess. Not wanting to lose to his predecessors, Pao, who is a new character, tries to steal attention with his choices skills and super powerful synergy. Here, you can get to know Pao and find out more about how to play it optimally.

Getting to know Commander Pao Magic Chess

pao magic chess guide

Present in the second season, Pao is introduced in the form of a cute baby blue-purple dragon. This little dragon has a nickname Naughty Dragonling. However, make no mistake. Despite his small stature and adorable facial features, Pao kept three skills the best you can count on. Even when he introduces himself, he will immediately attract attention with his voice that sounds like chattering “Huppah! Hwooaahh! Hmm…?”

If you look at the background of its creation, Pao the Naughty Dragonling was actually inspired by Black Dragonthe nickname given to Yu Zhong, one of the hero latest in Mobile Legends. Although not officially presented, many player think that Pao in Magic Chess is a form reborn more cute and docile than Black Dragon. Some argue that Pao and Yu Zhong are from the same area.

Commander Pao Magic Chess available in shop and can be purchased for 24000 BP or the equivalent of 349 Diamonds. You can also complement Pao’s performance by purchasing skin for 188 Diamonds. When using skin Recently, Pao who was originally blue-purple will change his skin into a green baby dragon.

Skills Possessed

skill pao magic chess

Discuss hero in Mobile Legends Magic Chess will not be complete without a description of a number of skills main. Like most commander else, there are three Pao Magic Chess skill what you should pay attention to, namely the two active skills consisting of Shields Up and Dragon’s Gift as well as Magic Circle which is the only passive skill.

1. Shields Up

One of skills active property Pao Magic Chess it has a function to increase the amount physical and magic defense for hero who are in the front row. The increase in defensive value is quite high, which is around 50-60 points.

It’s not enough to get there, Shields Up also brings effect cooldown in three rounds. Therefore, skills This is suitable for use in synergy target when facing tanker heroes. Its use will be more optimal if all hero in the front row activate one defense items simultaneously. As a result, line up The leader in the match will appear stronger and not easily defeated by the opponent.

2. Magic Circle

Be the only one skills Pao’s passive, Magic Circle will generate power in the form of a magic circle that automatically appears at the beginning of each round. Skills this will happen when the hero moved.

Every time you’re inside Magic CirclePao and his troops will get extra magic power of 90-100 points and physical attack as much as 45-50 points. Addition power and attack which is pretty decent, especially if you pair Pao together magical heroes in one team match. Fortunately again, because there is no limit cooldown applicable, Magic Circle can be used continuously when a new chapter starts.

3. Dragon’s Gift

Besides Shields Up, skills another active that is a mainstay Pao Magic Chess is Dragon’s Gift. Skills you can use this at the start of the round showdown by displaying four types buff in each round. You only need to choose one buff which is considered the most suitable for the synergy combo the hero. That way, Pao’s potential can be maximized when he competes in chess board.

Together Dragon’s Giftthe little dragon Pao will give buff which is quite promising and profitable for you as a player. Buff will continue to improve his abilities while inside chess board. However, until now, there has not been much further explanation regarding the type of buff what will be offered to Pao in each round of the match.

Best Synergy for Each Pao Skill

magic chess synergy

If you find out Pao Magic Chess Guide, the results found may vary. Part player say if skills This little dragon’s property is powerful enough that there is no need to apply synergy. They argue that the active and passive forces are worthy of being called the synergy itself.

However, not infrequently, some player others continue to install synergies for commander Pao because he wants the game to run in the most optimal condition. If you fall into the second group, some recommendations Magic Chess synergy for Pao is as follows:

1. Synergy 1: Weapon Master, Dragons Altar, Wrestler

This synergy is a basic synergy that is quite effective when used with skills first, Shields Up. When using it, Commander Pao can be compared to hero any kind.

2. Synergy 2: Assassin, Marksman, Mage

One way to optimize skills Pao’s Magic Chess is to combine them together hero from group Assassin, Marksmanor Mage. This combination will make the front row compete stronger than usual.

3. Synergy 3: Assassin, Marksman, Mage, Dragons Altar, Weapon Master

This synergy is touted as the most powerful synergy that can be done by Pao. By using it, you can increase points magical and physical attack more at the start of each round of the match.

Well, that was the explanation about Pao Magic Chessfrom characteristic to skills and synergies that you can rely on in the game. After knowing and knowing a number of guide character hero commander this, don’t hesitate to play it in the match you will face. To make it more fun to play, don’t forget to top up Magic Chess and various games another favorite on UniPin, platform at the forefront of top up digital content.

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