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Tips on how to play Grock in Vyn's Midlane Position Games

Experienced player, courtesy of RRQ Hoshi, Vyn provides tips and how to play the current META hero, Grock. Vyn shares how to play Grock Midlaner.

After getting the buff for the latest patch update, Grock becomes a hero that is immediately contested in the ranked or competitive scene.

In the latest patch update, Grock is a hero who can take on many roles this season. From Roamer, Explaner, Goldlaner to Midlaner.

Vyn also tried this one hero.

This time he uses Grock as a Midlaner by using build damage.

Through his live stream, Vyn explains Grock’s potential to combine a lot of dangerous things this season.

According to him, Grock can be more effective as an extra damage dealer than a tank.

“Now the thing is that Grock damage can add armor too. So instead of using defend armor, it’s better for you guys to do damage. It’s thick, it hurts again.” Vyn said.

This can be seen in Grock’s new passive, which can increase Physical defense even when using damage items.

Also, today’s Grock might be a bit stunned for a while when he does an Ultimate that crashes into a wall or opponent.

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