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After Defeated by ONIC Esports in the Lower Bracket Final, Does Coach Aura Fire Resign? Games

MPL Season 9 is Aura Fire’s best season so far. There are no more clown labels attacking them, except for full support from Mobile Legends fans. Even though she failed to complete the Giant Slayer mission because ONIC Esports was sent home in the lower bracket final, Aura should be proud to be in the top three positions in MPL S9.

The defeat was certainly very painful. Godiva who was sitting in the lounge of MPL Arena, tried to reassure himself by saying “It’s normal to lose, this is also normal,” However, this defeat was very different, especially since they were close to the final and might win the MPL. Aura Fire trainer Reza Pahlevi recently uploaded an Instastory. He indicated that this season would be his last.

“It seems, this will be my last season,” the translation of Reza’s writing on Instastory. Starting as a team manager, Reza took risks by becoming a coach. Gradually he raised the quality of Aura Fire from the clown team to a respected opponent.

Reza won the title of Best coach at MPL S9. Two of his foster children also won the title of First Team Jungler and Most Improved Player this season. Reza’s duet with Tezet as a coach and analyst played a major role in Aura Fire’s achievements.

It would be a shame if Aura had to undergo a makeover when they were already on the right track. Aura threatened to lose chemistry again if Reza really left. However, many netizens did not believe what Reza said. Some people thought it was Aura Fire’s joke like before.

Qeira had said that she would withdraw from Aura Fire, but she just changed her name to Fluffy. It is suspected that Reza Pahlevi will do the same. Do you agree that Reza resigns as coach of Aura Fire?

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