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Hero OP Mainstay Pro Player at MPL ID S9 Event Games

The following heroes are perfect for those of you who are pushing rank

Many players are looking for a list of OP Mobile Legends heroes so they can push rank effectively. Here the HiTekno team will provide a list of OP Mobile Legends heroes who will be the mainstay of pro players in MPL season 9.

For information, RRQ Hoshi managed to become the champion of MPL season 9 after defeating ONIC with a score of 4 vs 1 in the Bo7 (Best of Seven) system.

RRQ are doing very well as they recorded 12 wins this season. Pro player mainstay hero types are quite evenly distributed from Gold Laner, Mid Laner to Jungler hero.

One of the heroes that is quite wary of because it has a high tire rate in MPL season 9. Here are the main pro player OP heroes in MPL season 9:

  1. Yve

Yve is one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends. The lightness skill can make many enemy heroes fall in their ultimate area. Yve was selected in 76 games in MPL season 9.

The coverage of Midlaner’s flagship hero stats includes a Pick Rate of 45.51 percent, Ban Rate of 48.50 percent, and an average KDA of 5.60 points. High Ban Rate indicates that Yve is a hero that Pro Players are very wary of

2. Paquito

This hero who can be the mainstay of Offlaner and Jungler was selected in 61 games. Statistics include a Pick Rate of 36.53 percent, Tire Rate of 11.38 percent and an average KDA of 2.55 points.

“Fist for Fist” is the iconic sentence of this hero. His Heavy Left Punch and Jab deal high Physical Attack Damage.

3. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is a hero with a fairly high Ban Rate, which is 29.94 percent. This Hero Mage has been selected in 71 games with a Pick Rate of 42.51 percent. Thanks to the combination of Frostmoon Shield and Stardus Dance, it is effective in repaying the leading hero of the opponent’s main character. Falling Starmoon Esmeralda also deals high damage and immobilize effects.

4. Beatrix

Based on Mobile Legends in-game data, Beatrix has been used in 94 matches with a Pick Rate of 56.29 percent. Hero Marksman, who became the mainstay of Gold Laner, scored an average KDA of 3.38 points and a Ban Rate of 16.77 percent.

Relying on many weapons, Beatrix hero users often turn things around during late-game.

5.. Chou

Chou has fighting skills similar to Paquito, only he focuses more on foot kicks. Chou has been voted pro player in 61 matches in MPL Season 9. His stats include a Pick Rate of 36.53 percent, Ban Rate of 26.95 percent, and an average KDA of 2.53 points.

Chou’s The Way of Dragon can be used to easily kidnap the opponent’s core hero. Some of the best-selling OP heroes in MPL Season 9 include Lylia, Ling, Mathilda, Baxia and Yu Zhong.

If your opponent releases you in rank mode, you can choose Xavier because this hero will determine victory in the MPL S9 Grand Final. That was the row of OP Mobile Legends heroes who became the mainstay of pro players, interested in choosing them for push rank?

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