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Tips for Playing Free Fire Like a Pro with UMP Weapons

The use of the right weapon is an important factor when playing games first-person shooter (FPS) is a kind of Free Fire. You need to take advantage of the superiority of the weapon that is being used to its full potential. In Free Fire, you can choose to arm yourself with the UMP. If you use this weapon properly, you can play like a gamer pro.

It’s just that, gamer often underestimate the UMP Free Fire weapon. Majority gamer will prioritize other weapons, such as MP40 or other types of rifles assault rifle compared to UMP. Though, a weapon that belongs to the category submachine gun (SMG) has advantages when used in close and medium range combat.

UMP Specification

ump free fire

An interesting fact regarding UMP, Free Fire has just updated the capabilities of this SMG weapon in April 2022. With this update, the performance of the UMP Free Fire weapon will be no less stunning than your favorite melee weapon gamer.

To find out in more detail these improvements, you can compare the specifications of UMP FF weapons before and after buff.

Previous UMP Specifications Buff

ff ump weapon

Before the update, the UMP was indeed a mediocre weapon. Damageits not too high and time reload also pretty standard. In fact, as a melee weapon, the ability to shoot quickly an SMG needs to be balanced with reload time short one.

The following is the complete specification of the previous UMP buff:

  • Damage : 48
  • Range : 31
  • Magazine : 30
  • Rate of Fire : 75
  • Reload Speed : 62
  • Accuracy : 24

UMP Specification After Buff

ump free fire weapon

After the update, the UMP FF weapon experienced a very significant performance increase. FF does not change the damage of the weapon. However, there are four important aspects that are improved, namely magazine, reload speed, accuracy and range. This improvement makes this weapon capable of storing more bullets, accurately, and takes less time to reload ammunition.

The upgrade of the UMP Free Fire weapon doesn’t end there. You will find an additional effect in the form of Armor Penetration. The presence of this effect will make the weapon have skills the same as Hayato’s Bushido. In addition, there is also the addition of another effect, namely an increase in movement speed 15% and deduction recoil 25%.

In simpler language, the UMP performance update makes it one of the most painful weapons in Free Fire. This can be obtained thanks to its ability to penetrate armor. At the same time, buff It also makes this weapon more stable. As a result, you can easily aim at your opponent while moving.

In more detail, the following are the UMP specifications after buff:

  • Damage : 49
  • Range : 36
  • Magazine : 48
  • Rate of Fire : 75
  • Reload Speed : 77
  • Accuracy : 36

The most accurate way to take advantage of the advantages of UMP

Then, how do you need to do to maximize the use of UMP FF weapons? There are five tips that you can practice so that you can take full advantage of this SMG FF rifle like gamer professionals, namely:

#1. Increase Bullet Capacity

Free Fire has indeed increased the UMP bullet capacity from 30 to 48 rounds. This upgrade allows you to fire your weapon for a longer time. You can further improve its performance by adding attachments magazines. Its use will make you more confident when fighting 1 on 1.

#2. Take advantage scope

The next tip is through the use of scope. You don’t need to use scope 4x which is usually used for long-range combat. Instead, just use scope 2x which will help in mid-range combat. A fact that you should know, UMP will be a useless weapon if used to shoot long distances.

#3. Use silencer

Attachments The next thing you need to use is a silencer. As you already know, there are two types attachments silencer in Free Fire, namely muzzle and silencer. You can pair both of them in UMP FF weapons. However, the use of silencer have greater benefits than muzzle.

Silencer will help you to ambush the enemy suddenly. In order for the ambush to run successfully, you need to approach the enemy in a crouching motion. Then, how about muzzle?

Attachments you can also use this one. It is just, attachments it won’t muffle gunshots like like silencer. Therefore, you need to be prepared for open battle and wear maximum armor when your position is discovered by the enemy.

#4. Foregrip Is Dead Price

When using the UMP Free Fire weapon, you will feel that this rifle has a fairly low level of accuracy and is very unstable. Therefore, you need to take anticipatory action by taking advantage of attachments foregrip.

Attachments this one is useful in maintaining the stability of the UMP when shooting. With the addition foregrip, the accuracy of the UMP FF weapon will increase drastically. You can still shoot well at close range or while moving.

#5. Prepare Equipment

The use of UMP will put you in an open combat situation with your opponent. Therefore, you should not rely solely on attack power. Make sure too defense strong so that your HP does not run out quickly. The solution, you can equip yourself by using vest as well as helmets.

#6. Take advantage Jump Shoot

The last tip that you must do when using UMP weapons on Free Fire is to be active. Don’t just stand in one place while aiming at your opponent. Instead, you can move left and right. In addition, perform jump moves to make it difficult for your opponent to aim at you.

Furthermore, you can increase your chances of eliminating your opponent by doing jump shoot. You can do this by jumping and shooting simultaneously. This movement is quite difficult, especially for beginners. However, once you get used to it, you can kill your opponent easily.

Well, those are the advantages and powerful tips for using UMP FF weapons. With abilities like that, you no longer underestimate this one SMG, right?

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