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The Most Effective Way to Use MP40 on Free Fire

Submachine gun (SMG) is a type of weapon that is very reliable when used in close combat. Its use is very suitable when you want to play aggressively on Free Fire. The choice of SMG weapons that you can use in Free Fire is also quite diverse. One of the SMGs that you should consider is the MP40 Free Fire weapon.

The MP40 weapon is one of many weapons favorite of gamer Free Fire. In fact, the MP40 is included as the best type of weapon for the SMG category. You can maximize its use if you already know the characteristics of the MP40 in detail. His speed in shooting will allow you to play like a gamer professional.

MP40 Karakteristik Characteristics

gun mp40 free fire

The main advantages that make the gamer using MP40 as a favorite weapon is because of the rate of firing speed. SMG does have the characteristics of rate of fire. Compared to other types of SMGs, MP40 weapons have an extreme level of speed, reaching 83.

The advantage in shooting speed will be very useful if you play with strategy rush in. Damageit’s fairly low, only 48. Compare that to a favorite line of AR weapons such as the Scar (53), M14 (71), Groza (61), or AWM (90).

However, try to imagine if damage that combined with the MP40’s extreme firing speed. By using the right way, you will easily defeat the enemies in FF. It’s not enough to stop there, the combination is also useful when you want to get headshot.

Hunting Tips Headshot with MP40

gun mp40

You are certainly curious about the most appropriate way to maximize the use of MP40 FF weapons, let alone use them to get shots headshot. There are five ways you can practice to be able to do this, namely:

#1. Use the Right Character

There are two characters that are very suitable when using MP40 Free Fire weapons. The first character is Jota. When using Jota, you will gain an advantage if you use strategy rush in. His ability to do heal also makes you don’t have to worry about shooting at close range.

The next character that is suitable for the use of MP40 FF weapons is Nikita. Nikita’s main ability in Free Fire relates to reload time very tight. Ability reload quickly is a big advantage for players rush. Time difference reload which at a glance can affect the outcome of the battle.

#2. Take advantage of Aim Assist

When playing Free Fire, you will find a feature known as auto aim or aim assist. This feature is useful in helping players to aim more accurately. When using MP40 weapons, this feature will be very beneficial. You have a great chance to get headshot by taking advantage of this feature.

There are control settings tips that you can apply to maximize the features aim assist in FF. Settings that need to be made to improve feature accuracy auto aim very easy. You just have to put the precision aiming option on default. This setting will make it easier when aiming at an approaching opponent.

#3. Keep Moving and Get Used to Doing Jump Shoots

An important trick you should do when arming yourself with an SMG is to be active. Make sure you shoot while moving left and right. In addition, you will need to increase your jumping motion to avoid your opponent’s aim. Not just jumping, you can also shoot simultaneously. This movement is known as jump shoot.

Movement jump shoot very effective when you want to outwit your opponent, especially when you are in a 1 on 1 battle situation in an open area. When making a move jump shoot, don’t forget to aim the weapon at the opponent’s head. Besides being able to get a shot headshotthis move is also useful for making it difficult for the enemy to aim accurately.

#4. Use Adequate Equipment

The aggressive way of playing when using SMG-type weapons does make you have the opportunity to defeat many enemies. However, if you do not prepare carefully, it is possible that you will die first. Therefore, when using SMG, make sure that you have used the complete equipment.

Use vest and helmets are important factors when fighting using SMG. When using this weapon, you will often do battle in open areas. Without adequate armor, you will run out of HP faster than your opponent.

It’s not enough to stop there, you need to pay attention to factors recoil from the SMG MP40. You need to practice so that recoil SMG weapons have no effect on the accuracy of the shot. For consideration, you can use attachments foregrip which is useful for increasing weapon stability.

No less important, you need to make sure that the SMG weapon doesn’t run out of bullets when shooting against the enemy. High firing speed will increase ammunition consumption. Therefore, you need to add attachments in the form of magazine extra. In addition, its use also needs to be equipped with a large supply of ammunition.

#5. Don’t be in a hurry to approach the enemy

The last tip that is important for you to pay attention to when playing Free Fire using SMG MP40 is to keep your distance. This weapon is indeed very effective at close range. However, that should not make you rush to approach your opponent and strafe them with as many bullets as possible.

Instead, you can reduce the enemy’s HP little by little by shooting at medium range. You can do this strategy with the aim of making the enemy move closer. When they are at close range, you can execute by firing as many bullets as possible.

When carrying out a strategy to keep your distance from the enemy, also consider using gloo walls and grenades. Gloo walls You can use it as a protector. Meanwhile, you can use grenades to lure enemies out of their hiding places.

Those are five tips that you can practice to maximize the advantages of the MP40 Free Fire weapon. Happy fighting and hopefully you can emerge as the winner, also read the benefits of having an elite pass free fire, OK!

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