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XM8, Free Fire Weapon with Great Accuracy

As survival games, Free Fire always provides a mainstay weapon so that players can survive. Last year, Free Fire released one of the deadliest rifles, the XM8.

XM8 FF Weapons considered a competitor to the MP40 FF in terms of ammunition to accuracy. The speed of this rifle in killing enemies is also better than the MP40. In addition, the XM8 is equipped with four skin cool with different specifications.

Curious? Read on for the following review, come on!

XM8 Karakteristik Characteristics

xm8 senjata weapon

XM8 has damage at number 55 with an accuracy of 58. Meanwhile, range the weapon is 65. All three show that the XM8 is suitable for close to medium range combat.

The XM8’s firing speed is at number 54. As a complement, this weapon is equipped with muzzledamper, and magazine. In addition, XM8 has several skin variants.

There are three skin which can increase strength XM8 weapons in Free Fire. First is skin non-Lobby; released in July 2022. Skins it has added performance rate of fire. On the other hand, on magazine there is a reduction. However, the reduction can be replaced magazine in Free Fire in-game.

Skins the next one, namely XM8 Abysal—which can be displayed in the Free Fire Lobby. When used, skin it provides additional damage and range. Thanks to these two effects, player can play from a distance.

XM8 Deadly Bath is skin third to increase performance damage and accuracy. How to get skin it by opening crate worth 35 diamond free fire. Player can buy it at the Free Fire Shop.

One of the advantages of using skin Deadly Bath, that is damage maximum at medium distance. Sadly, skin cannot be used for long range fire.

Apart from three skin above, Free Fire also issued four incubator latest for XM8 in October 2022. Fourth incubator consists of Poison, Toxic, Sinister, and Fiery Pumpkin.

Advantages and disadvantages

xm8 ff senjata weapon

One of the advantages of XM8 is that it has scope which can be enlarged twice. Because of this, the XM8 gun is capable of firing precisely even without the scope.

not only scopeXM8 also has advantages in the number of bullets. Player can load 30 bullets to magazine. Therefore, player no need to do reload repeatedly.

In addition to the advantages, XM8 also has disadvantages, one of which is in terms of scope. Player can’t install scope more than twice.

Another drawback is that XM8 cannot be paired with foregrip. Whereas, foregrip able to reduce recoil that came out when player shoot. If recoil reduced, the shot becomes more targeted. Damage weapons can hit the enemy right.

Free Fire characters that are suitable for using XM8

laura xm8 free fire

inner character Free Fire games is a reflection of style player. If player using XM8 weapons, the following characters can be selected.

· Laura

Laura is a Free Fire character assigned as an agent of world peace. Skills the main one is Sharp Shooter. Function skills in order to increase the accuracy of the weapon in these conditions scoping. Because of that, Laura was adept at using scope any weapon.

However, Laura’s ability decreases when not wearing scope. His shots tend to be messy and not on target. Therefore, Laura must be paired with an XM8 which has scope cool. With scope XM8, Laura is able to kill opponents in an instant.

If you are interested in getting Laura’s character, player can use bundle set free fire worth 1.999 diamonds. For purchases without sets, players get a cheaper price, which is 499 diamonds.

· Alok

Alok is a famous DJ with a special ability of running speed. He can also give additional HP to his friends. In addition, Alok has expertise heal the strong one.

With heal big, Alok can survive until the end of the battle. He is also an expert in organizing attacks as well as being the foundation of the team. Because Alok has the ability buff to protect comrades who are nearby.

Regarding strategy, Alok is quite flexible. If you want Alok to be more aggressive in play style, player can take advantage of movement speed. On the other hand, for player who prefer to play patiently, just use heal when meeting the enemy.

· Paloma

Paloma is told as a 28-year-old woman who once got the title of beauty queen. However, Paloma switched professions to become a gun dealer.

Paloma is often underestimated. Nevertheless, Paloma is one of the strong characters in Free Fire. It has the Arms Dealing ability that allows player carry more bullets. However, the bullet does not reduce the space of the item.

With these abilities, Paloma is considered suitable for using XM8 weapons. Player there’s no need to worry about running out of ammo because Paloma has more stock than standard.

Another plus, Paloma can be paired with Laura. Laura’s Sharp Shooter ability is able to increase Paloma’s brutality in killing enemies.

· Hayato

The character Hayato was first released on March 20, 2022. Hayato’s presence in Free Fire is quite interesting player. The reason is, Hayato has a handsome face as well as a capable fighting ability.

One of Hayato’s abilities was skills passive Bushido. With this skill, Hayato could improve damage when he had 10 percent of his blood left. For the first stage, damage increased by 7.5 percent. Then, at the second level, the addition is 10 percent.

Not only Bushido, Hayato is also equipped skills added Armor Pen. This ability makes the shot penetrate the opponent’s armor. The resulting damage is also relatively large. That’s why, skills it is compatible with XM8 weapons.

However, to maximize weapon damage, player had to make sure Hayato’s blood was reduced by a few percent. Thus, Hayato could kill even difficult enemies.

To get Hayato, player can buy it through the Free Fire Store. The price of this character is around 1.999 diamonds. Although there is no talk of selling individually, Hayato’s character is predicted to cost 499 diamonds.

This is the article about XM8 FF guns as a reference for player beginner. Hopefully it can be a guideline before using these weapons in playing on Free Fire.

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