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This is the Unique Side of Wukong Free Fire that is Rarely Known

Have you ever asked why there are so many Free Fire (FF) characters with their own strengths and advantages? It turned out to be nothing but to adjust the playing style and strategy of the players. For those with high flying hours, unique characters like Wukong Free Fire it can actually inspire new strategies.

Of course Wukong Free Fire skills not as interesting or as awesome as the other characters. However, if you are observant enough, the presence of Wukong in the team can give you an advantage as well as make the playing atmosphere more fun. Curious, right? Come on, let’s look at the full review of Wukong below.

The Unique Side of Wukong Free Fire

wukong free fire free

Checking Wukong’s bio, you can barely find anything. The only thing that many people know is that he has a different form than the other characters. Wukong’s body resembled a great ape carrying a stick. Wukong’s appearance is indeed similar to a primate animal, but a more fierce and fierce version.

His body is wearing a kind of red and gray war costume that allows Wukong to move freely when he is in action. The movement of Wukong is fairly agile and agile, like primates in general.

The Monkey King has skills Camouflage, which is able to change its form into a bush to disguise itself. Although it sounds not so special, that is precisely what makes Wukong unique. When in the form of a bush, its presence is sometimes unknown so that it often outwits opponents.

Of course, you can take advantage of this situation to give your teammates the opportunity to attack the enemy. Therefore, Wukong can work well if you combine it with skills certain character.

Skills Wukong will be faster for you to reuse after the duration cooldown finished. Time span cooldown skills this is indeed quite long, while he only has 14 seconds to actively camouflage.

At level 1, you need 300 seconds before you can activate skills again. Meanwhile, the duration will decrease to 200 seconds once you reach level 8. However, you can press a special button to change your form as usual and surprise your opponent with a surprise attack.

Wukong Character Strengths and Weaknesses

wukong free fire skills

Then, what are the advantages Wukong Free Fire character this? First, he can be the team’s mainstay in carrying out the task of monitoring opponents. His ability to change into the form of a bush gives Wukong the freedom to position himself when stalking the enemy.

Second, you can use a special button to change back to the original form. So, you don’t have to wait for the 14 second camouflage duration to end. Once the situation permits, you can change again and launch a surprise attack on your opponent.

Third, even though skills Wukong “only” turned into a bush, that skill actually gave an aspect fun if you are an experienced player. Wukong has a lot of potential that you can explore.

He can serve as scouts, anchors, to flanker characters. You could say Wukong gives you space to be creative in creating attack after attack to win the battle. Even if you have experts, Wukong characters can be OP, you know!

However, for some players, Wukong’s strengths are actually their drawbacks. Inexperienced players sometimes underestimate skills Wukong, moreover he can’t use other abilities while in camouflage.

In fact, when you are dealing with good opposing players, Wukong’s movements are relatively easy to read. This makes it easy tocounter back by the opponent if you are not careful to adjust the position during the reconnaissance.

Plus, skills Wukong’s camouflage is only active for 14 seconds. Inevitably you need to immediately make a decision to attack or defend. This is also the reason some players feel skills Wukong is inconsistent, especially for those who like a fast and barbaric style of play.

The Best Character Combination for Wukong Free Fire

wukong free fire character

Many players think that Wukong Free Fire will be difficult to combine with other characters. However, you can try some of the following character options to enhance Wukong’s role in team play.


As the owner of the highest accurate shooting accuracy, Laura can be the right partner for Wukong to finish off the enemy. While Wukong was camouflaging and scouting the enemy, Laura could step in to attack the opponent. As soon as you can timing The right thing is, you can turn Wukong back to normal and launch a surprise attack that can melt your opponent.


Kelly’s ability to run fast will help you once Wukong’s form returns to normal. While taking a strategic position, you can immediately escape and prepare for another attack. This trick is useful when you realize an unfavorable situation is coming, such as your reconnaissance position being known by the enemy.


Use skills Caroline in order to attack the enemy in seconds after lurking in the form of a bush can give a surprise effect that the opponent does not take into account. Since Caroline is an expert at shooting at close range, you can also become better at immobilizing enemies, especially when they are not aware that they are near the bushes created by Wukong’s camouflage.

Tricks to Play with Wukong

wukong free fire

With skills As simple as that, you have more opportunities to explore with Wukong. However, you can try to practice the following tricks so that the Monkey King grows into a tough and strong character in battle.

Avoid activate skills moment war in progress

In the midst of an ongoing fierce battle, avoid activating skills Wukong. The reason is, once you turn into a bush, you can’t attack or use any weapons for a few seconds. So, check the situation first before activating skills Wukong, yes.

Try using silencer aka silencer

Use silencer weapons can be a smart alternative in ensuring the enemy is not aware of Wukong’s existence. However, if you don’t have attachments In this case, delay shooting your opponent, unless you are in an urgent situation.

Take advantage of surprise attacks

Once the enemy is seen while Wukong is still disguised, you can immediately change yourself back to your normal form to perform a surprise attack. Here the choice of the type of weapon is crucial. Consider using weapons with scopes, shotguns, nor assault rifles. In short, make this sudden surprise attack a golden opportunity to finish off as many opponents as possible.

By knowing the tricks to play Wukong Free Fire, you can make him a strong and respected opponent on the battlefield. So, don’t hesitate to put Wukong as one of your team members, okay!

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