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Moco Free Fire, the Legendary Hacker Who is Good at Combat

Each Free Fire (FF) character comes with different advantages and strengths. This gives you many options in strategizing to win the battle. Likewise if you want to play Moco Free Fire as the hero of the team.

Moco is one of the female characters in FF who has a unique charm. What things make Moco so special? What about his fighting skills on the battlefield? The following review will answer all your curiosity.

moco, Hackers who is good at fighting

moco free fire character

Talk about Moco Free Fire story, You will be amazed when you find out that he is a hacker genius. Moco’s age is relatively young, still 20 years old. However, Moco’s ability and intelligence in hacking the system is worth taking into account.

Skillfully, he is able to hack into any system and device, then just disappear without a trace. Nickname “Chat Noir” also addressed to Moco. For some people, they think that Moco is so mysterious and often doesn’t realize his presence.

Contrary to typical hacker In general, Moco actually has a unique appearance that makes it stand out from other FF characters. Stylish black green fashion cyberpunk became Moco’s mainstay, complete with a mix of neon green and purple hair colors.

As if coming from the future, Moco is ready to fight by relying on his sharpness of thinking, agility, and accuracy. As additional information, it is suspected that Moco is Hayato’s lover, as is known through Hayato’s video “Firebrand”.

Confidential Skills Moco Free Fire

moco free fire skills

Hacker’s Eye is skills the mainstay of Moco that you can use. When skills is active, you can mark the target shot for a few seconds. All team members can see the targeting so other members can directly execute the attack.

Difference skills between level 1 and the next level lies in the duration of Moco marking the targeted target. At level 1, Moco can mark the target for 2 seconds. Gradually, the duration increased by half a second. Stepping on level 6, Moco is able to signal the target and pinpoint the opponent’s position for 5 seconds.

So, what are the advantages? Moco Free Fire skills this? Once Moco activates skills With this, you can immediately reveal the enemy’s position and kill them immediately. Moco can monitor, detect, and mark the presence of enemies from a distance.

The enemy’s position will appear via the blue arrow on the mini map. Even if the opponent tries to hide or take cover, Moco’s presence can still be monitored and seen.

Once the opponent’s position is detected, teammates or Moco himself can directly attack the opponent. Therefore, make sure you have armed Moco with the right equipment for the effectiveness of team attacks.

Tips to Maximize Skills Moco

moco free fire free

The next question, what can you do to maximize skills Moco in a team?

Use weapons that match Moco’s character

You can maximize Moco’s abilities if you equip him with the right weapons. Sniper obviously become a mainstay weapon that can facilitate skills the hacker this legendary.

This weapon will help you keep your distance from the enemy. That way, you can freely shoot enemies from a distance without being seen or detected by your opponent. Once the shot hits the target, you can still keep an eye on your opponent and prepare for the next attack.

Keeping your distance is important!

As mentioned above, skills Moco will be more effective if Moco can keep his distance. It’s useless if Moco dies first than the other team members. Therefore, make sure Moco is on duty early by marking the enemy so you have more opportunities to shoot and attack your opponent.

Apart from wearing sniper which is ideal for helping Moco keep his distance from the enemy, you can also equip him with weapons with scope. Always make sure he has done his job well so that other members can move actively to clear the intended target.

Practice skills aim

Moco’s ability turns out to depend on how well you are able to position the weapon right on the intended target (aim). The reason is, if the shot you release misses, it’s automatic skills could not be active.

So, practice often aim will make Moco more dangerous and scary in the eyes of the enemy. Once they come face to face with Moco, the opponent can’t hide anymore and only has to wait for the time to be finished.

Don’t hesitate to play aggressively

With Moco in the team, don’t hesitate to play aggressively. Moco’s ability to mark enemies clearly benefits other team members, moreover he can detect and approach enemies secretly.

Coordinate attacks with other members so you can make the enemy’s defenses fall apart. Maximize skills Moco, practice the skill of aiming the weapon at the target, and speed up the execution to win the battle.

Ideal Combo for Moco Free Fire

moco free fire top up

It’s incomplete to play a character Moco Free Fire without combining it with the right characters. Of the many FF characters, here are the ideal combos for Moco that you can try.


Moco is able to monitor enemy movements once they are hit hit or a shot from it. If you want high accuracy attacks, mix skills Moco and Laura for results damage which hurts more.

Considering Laura is the owner of the most accurate shot, skills this will make your shot more accurate, especially when wearing scope. That way, Moco’s ability will be more dangerous and deadly.


Need a ranged or melee weapon when using Moco? Assault rifle arguably one of the most powerful free fire weapons for Moco. Try pairing Moco and Paloma for that.

So, you are free to pocket the bullets of this one weapon without worrying about burdening the contents of the bag. You can do too loot easily and prepared to launch the next attack.


Imagine what it would be like if Moco wore vest or a strong helmet. This will increase Moco’s defense when he is dueling one on one. Therefore, you can pair Moco and Andrew to activate the combo skills the.

Even so, make sure you are skilled at playing and skills aim is quite capable. This is necessary so that you stay alert at any time so that you are not easily defeated or killed.

That’s a complete review of the figure Moco Free Fire. Keep trying and practice maximizing skills as well as other skills to make your game better. Have a nice play!

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