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Miguel Free Fire, The Commander Who Never Give Up

One of the characters that is often played in games Free Fire is Miguel. He is a special forces commander who has skills the best so that it is widely used by gamer. The character, which is described as an attractive male figure aged 26 years, was released in September 2022.

Miguel Free Fire is actually not a new character. He is a childhood friend of Paloma, a character who had been released a few months earlier. However, Paloma chooses a different path and joins a criminal organization along with Antonio. This situation makes Miguel inevitably have to be hostile to Paloma.

Miguel’s Skill To Incapacitate the Enemy

miguel free fire skills

Many players rated Miguel’s character as having skills which overpowered. Skills all he has is suck Energy Points (EP) per kill one enemy. This makes it stronger and lasts longer in the game. In general, EP can only be obtained by players by eating mushrooms.

Skills known as Crazy Slayer this makes Miguel gain a lot of advantages in the game. The EP that will be received each time you kill an enemy starts from 20 to 45 according to the level of the game. Interestingly again, skills what Miguel has doesn’t have cooldown. That is, you can fill it continuously without a break.

Therefore, Miguel Free Fire skills This is perfect for aggressive players. Novice players or those who always play safe and passive are usually less able to maximize the advantages of the barbarian Miguel. By having a lot of EP, you can turn it into HP which is useful for recovering when hit damage enemy.

Best Weapon For Miguel

miguel free fire

As a character who has high survivability, Miguel fits into tank. However, in order to play optimally, you must do kill a lot. If not, skills this will be wasted. Because of that, role the most suitable for Miguel would be to become a rusher in the game.

Well, there are several best weapons for Miguel in carrying out his role, including:


One of the suitable weapons for a rusher is M1014, a single fire shotgun. This weapon is very powerful used to fire at close range.

However, the M1014’s drawback is that it has fire rate small ones though damageis high. As a result, if the shot misses, the consequences can be fatal. Therefore, you must have good shooting skills.


Weapons that have damage and range high is SVD. With weapons auto sniper this, Miguel can get kill which is a lot at once abundant EP. So, fighting from a distance is not a problem. The problem is, sniper ineffective against enemies at close range.


Another weapon that you can use to play with Miguel’s character is the M4A1. The advantage of this weapon is range far away and damage which is passable. If you are in a defensive position, the M4A1 weapon is very appropriate to use.


You can also use the Semi Automatic SKS sniper if you want to shoot from a distance. The advantages are the same as M4A1 and SVD, namely: damage the big one. However, beware of enemies at close range when using SKS so as not to get hit flanks.

Miguel’s Best Combos in Game

miguel free fire wallpaper

It’s not only weapons that you need to pay attention to when playing with Miguel Free Fire, but also effective character combinations. Therefore, you can use several characters that are considered to be able to support Miguel’s strength as follows.


This Joe Taslim-inspired character can be the best combo for Miguel. The reason is, Jota has the advantage of being able to return Health Points (HP) when using sub machine gun (SMG). So, this combination allows you to have both EP and HP at the same time. Chance to get booyah will be even bigger.


Besides Jota, another character who can support you in the game is A124. Skills this character is to convert EP to HP, but with cooldown which is very fast. This means that you can use HP as quickly as possible. In general, this takes quite a long time. That is why, A124 is suitable to be paired with Miguel in the Free Fire game.


Antonio is another best combo that you can also choose to make it easier to win matches. Skills Antonio is Gangster’s Spirit which gives a maximum of 35 HP at the start of the match. When combined with Miguel, you not only get HP earlier, but also EP so that you get stronger when fighting.

Tips to Maximize Miguel FF in Games

miguel free fire image

After choosing the best weapons and combos for Miguel, the next step is to use effective strategies in the game. There are several tips that you can apply to make playing this one character more smoothly.

Use Melee Weapons

Even though he can shoot from a distance, Miguel is more effective when he kills opponents at close range. Therefore, you should use melee weapons first. By fighting up close, the chance to do kill will also be bigger so that the EP will accumulate more and more.

Aggressive Play

Tips for playing with Miguel Free Fire is to be aggressive. This is because the advantages lie in each kill which is conducted. If you don’t do kill, you will not get enough EP so HP will be low. This means that you are easier to fall when attacked by opponents.

Use Vest and Helmet

Next, Miguel needs to use safety accessories such as vests and helmets. This is to minimize damage from enemy attacks. Vest and the helmet will help Miguel survive until the EP gained from killing enemies turns into HP. Both of you need to have from the start of the game so Miguel is safer.

Well, here are some tips that you can do when playing Free Fire with Miguel’s character. Make sure you also choose the best weapons and combos to make it easier to get booyah. May be useful!

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