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These are the differences and advantages of Apex Legends from other Battle Royale games

About ten years ago the Battle Royale genre was popping up everywhere. Not only gamess, we can also find this genre in movies and books. In fact, the Battle Royale genre is indeed inspired by a Japanese novel by Koushun Takami entitled Battle Royale.

Released in 1999, the novel became phenomenal because it could be considered as a dystopian-themed novel that made a lasting impression on its readers. When the story was finally made into a film, Battle Royale then inspired the emergence of games with a similar storyline. A number of games well-known in this genre are Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends.

What are you looking for from Games Battle Royale?

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Games this type of Battle Royale does have its own excitement. At the beginning of the game, players seem to be dropped in an area that is quite tense. Once in the area, players are free to look for weapons, drop each other, help, and explore the area. The playing area will gradually narrow, forcing players to survive—at any cost.

This fairly complete element makes games Battle Royale gets interesting. Names like PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty attract a lot player because the game is real and challenging.

Even though it came later, Apex Legends has managed to break into the top 5 of the Steam Charts with the number of players reaching 198,235 players in March 2022. This figure is slightly below Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2, which are known to have militant players.

The advantages of Apex Legends from its predecessors

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What makes Apex Legends so attractive player? Of course, it can not be separated from the features that can be enjoyed by players. With essence gamesthe same play, here are some things that can be summarized from the success of Apex Legends.

1. No Construction Features

If you’ve ever played Fortnite, you know that players have to collect building materials to build fortifications when the safe area of ​​the game is getting narrower.

Make some player, features of building a fort or tower like this are fun, but there are also those who find it troublesome. In games released by EA, players can focus on surviving without having to collect building materials.

In other words, the main focus is on finding weapons, defending, and killing opponents if needed. Not to mention if there are teammates who need help, we must be able to provide solutions. All done for one goal: to be the last team in the arena.

2. Additional Points from Champions

Not only survive, you can also kill each other to survive in games This Battle Royale. In it, there is a Kill Leader title which will give you additional points in the game.

In addition, players who win in one game session will get the title of Champion. Well, if you can kill the Champion from the previous game, there will be additional points announced through the notification.

Although it is not shown on the map, you can recognize the Champion because it has been notified on the screen before entering the game. So, survive and hunt for points from killing Champions!

3. Qualified Character Development

Maybe many already know that this game is still in the same universe as games Titanfall 2. If games Like PUBG or Fortnite, there is only one character with a customizable appearance, Apex Legends has eight characters with their respective skills.

In general, these eight characters have the ability to possess one of the skills passive, tactical, or ultimate. So, the game can be more exciting because you can choose a position and want to play with teammates with different skills.

Each character with his skills has a different look too. This means, you can not only choose the appearance of the players that you think are cool, but also with the skills and positions that are comfortable to play.

4. Small Map, Play is More Exciting!

Compared with games predecessor, games which was developed by Respawn Entertainment has a much smaller map. Known as King’s Canyon, the arena map isn’t boring because it covers a wide variety of areas—from desert to grass.

The advantage of a small map area is that the game feels more intense. Players will not get bored of exploring empty areas and it is difficult to find weapons. But this means, you can’t be careless when the safe area is getting narrower!

5. Internal communication Games

With a small map, in one game can only accommodate 60 players divided into 20 teams. This means, one team consists of three people and there is no option to play solo or duo.

However, developers know very well that communication is important. Therefore, there are features such as “ping” and real-time communication in the game. Teammates can communicate and tell each other their location and weaponry.

Players will also get a warning if they have started to move away from the ring of the game area. This makes games This Battle Royale is superior even though it’s labeled free-to-play aka free.

Although free, this game also has its own currency, Apex Coin. These Apex Coins can be used to purchase Apex Packs, Legend characters, and character cosmetics or equipment. For those of you who like to tinker with characters, this game also gives you the freedom to “dress up” with items that you can buy with Apex Coin.

How about it, I’m starting to be interested in trying it games which can be said is still warm? Try download now and feel the sensation of Battle Royale with a map that is much different from games Another Battle Royale.

To make your Apex Legends game more exciting, complete it with Apex Coin that you can get on the Steam Wallet. On UniPin, you can easily buy Steam Wallet credits. In addition to buying Apex Coin, Steam Wallet credits can be used to buy games or other game equipment besides Apex Legends.

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