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7 Apex Legends Characters From Titanfall

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale genre game developed by Respawn Entertainment since 2022. In 2022, this game was released by Electronic Arts (EA) for Microsoft Windows aka PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. Reportedly, version mobile will be completed in 2022 and can be enjoyed by Android and iOS users that year.

in games, Apex Legends characters called Legends. In fact, these Legends are the development of Respawn Entertainment that we have known before, namely the Titanfall and Titanfall 2 series.

Titanfall Universe and Apex Legends Background

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Titanfall is a game that was originally released exclusively for Xbox. Released in 2022, the game has since penetrated other platforms and consoles such as PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. Unlike Titanfall which is a game clash royaleApex Legends take on the genre battle royale like its predecessors like PUBG, Call of Duty, and others.

The background of the time is about eight years after Titanfall 2. The end of the Frontier War war that occurred in Titanfall 2 made the existing fighters wait for orders to take the land.

Kuben Blisk, a war veteran, later created Apex Games which is a competitive lethal game. The game takes place in King’s Canyon, a lush island located in the Frontier.

Therefore, the fighters that exist are those who used to fight in the Frontier War. If you have played Titanfall 2, you must be a little familiar with the names of the Legends below:

1. Bloodhound

Known as the Technological Tracker, Bloodhound is a mysterious figure who has a very powerful targeting ability. It has Sonar Lock which works like a radar to find out the closest enemy team. Bloodhound is a great teammate to match with Apex Legends characters anywhere.

2. Gibraltar

Gibraltar’s parents were SAR volunteers during the Frontier war. This gave him the passion to save others. Especially after seeing his father lose his hand after saving his life. In the game, Gibraltar has the power to defend, form a shield, as well as a Dome of Protection that will save him and his team when attacked.

3. Lifeline

Real name Ajay Che, Lifeline is a medic who originally joined the Frontier foundation to help war victims. He clashed with his parents who turned out to be the owners of Chevrex Inc., one of the companies that profited from the war. It has the ability to heal injured teammates.

4. Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a robot with the name MRVN 2.0. He was left behind by the makers in a laboratory. His initial mission was to find the creators. His main ability is to move from one place to another using a zipline. He is also easy to find something and pick it up with his Grappling Hook.

5. Wraith

In Titanfall, he is a Senior Science Pilot with the Gen 10 emblem. However, something happens until he wakes up in a mental hospital with no memory of his past. He then followed the voice that kept whispering in his head, giving him the power to move dimensions, space, and time through a portal. In the game, he can disappear for three seconds, know when an enemy is approaching, and bring up a portal that his team and enemies can enter.

6. Bangalore

Bangalore and all his family members were part of IMC, the losing side of the Frontier war. As a professional soldier, he was rank one especially in using Peacekeeper weapons. His goal in participating in the Apex Games is to win and raise money so he can return home and see if his family is left after the war is over.

7. Caustic

Caustic is a deadly gas as well as the name used by Alexander Nox, its creator. The deadly gas was found in a pesticide laboratory owned by Frontier. Once upon a time, Nox was increasingly dissatisfied with his experiments which were only carried out in the lab. He became a little obsessed and left the lab to conduct experiments on living things. In the Apex Games arena, he can do just that.

Ripe Apex Legends characters and the background of each story is one of the advantages possessed by this Battle Royale game. Each character has their own goals, and they will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Before Playing, Get to Know the Gameplay

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Actually, almost all Battle Royale games have the same gameplay. All players are lowered from an airplane into the game arena. Before entering the arena, you and your teammates must choose a character. In one team, there are three players and cannot use Apex Legends characters the same one.

In the team, the last to choose the Legends will be the Jumpmaster who decides when and where the team will jump off the plane. In one game, there are 20 teams consisting of 3 players each. This means, there are 60 people in the game, and you have to beat all of them to win.

Don’t forget to see who the Champion from the previous game is. If you kill the Champion team, you will get additional points. The players will descend into the arena without any supplies or weaponry.

Once on land, you must immediately look for equipment, especially weapons. To be sure, there will be dropping each other when the safe area to play narrows. If you have reached level 9 of the game, the area will shrink drastically. This is to speed up the game and prevent the game from going too long, especially if the player is experienced.

The winner is the last team standing, which means that they have knocked out another player.

Can you imagine, what kind of fun? But don’t forget to download the game legally, okay?

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