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Let's Become a Reliable Football Manager through Top Eleven

miss playing Top Eleven? Now you can play the new version that was released in 2022. Although it is relatively simple compared to other similar games that have appeared, the new version brings several changes that make this popular game more interesting.

Have you ever played Top Eleven when it was just released? Or maybe it’s the first time you want to try? These are the things you must know.

What’s that Top Eleven Football Manager?

top eleven football manager

Unlike most similar games, Top Eleven Football Manager first released on Facebook in 2010. Nordeus, developer company Top Eleven, wants to create a popular team management game that can be played on popular social media.

In this game, you will be the manager of a team consisting of professional soccer players in the real world. Your job is to build the main and reserve teams from scratch, train them and lead them to victory in various leagues. You can also transfer players like a real team.

This game is finally here as mobile games for Android in 2011, and put on the face of José Mourinho as a “mascot” in 2022. Players can get tips directly from Mourinho’s character, even challenge him to play. Top Eleven even managed to become a sponsor of the Stoke City team starting from the 2022-2022 Premier League season.

How to Play Top Eleven Football Manager on Android

top eleven android manager,

Top Eleven a new version for Android is coming in early March 2022, but the gameplay is still the same as the Facebook version although there are some changes and improvements. You can download it for free via the Google Play Store. Make sure your device’s operating system is at least Android 4.4.

As Top Eleven managerthere are several “tasks” that you must do after registering as part of the game, namely:

1. Team Building

Every manager is required to arrange a formation consisting of the first and backup teams. Each player is placed in the stadium according to their position. You can see the abbreviation code for each position next to the name, for example GK (Goalkeeper), AML (Attacking Midfielder Left), etc. Each has special characteristics and abilities that affect each other’s performance on the field.

2. Coaching the Team

Each team is required to have a training plan consisting of four sessions per day. On the screen, you will see the lineup of players (represented by the image jersey ball) that you can choose, complete with a choice of exercise types (drill). There are also options Quick Training as well as a fitness center to maintain their physique and stamina.

3. Compete

Your team can choose to participate in one of several matches: League, Cup, Champions League, Football Association Tournaments, and friendly matches. Match type League takes place once per day, whereas Football Association Tournaments only once a week.

4. Player Transfers

There are several ways to transfer players in this game. The most popular way is auction (auction), where you can use money or tokens to attract players that other teams don’t want. Each auction period gives you four minutes of time to choose between 15 players. When your level gets higher, you can open negotiation options to get expensive players from other teams.

5. Build a Stadium

As the team grows, the manager is also responsible for developing the team’s properties, such as training centres, academies, and stadiums. You’ll see a map with the location of each property, then click on the property to see inside.

Why You Must Try Top Eleven?

top eleven games

Top Eleven The Android version itself has already received quite a lot of positive reviews due to the developer’s efforts to bring the soccer team management game into the realm of casual play. However, game Top Eleven the 2022 version offers updates that will satisfy both new and old players alike.

Top Eleven 2022 offers weather changes (weather) as one of its major updates. This certainly adds to the challenge in the game because you have to adjust your strategy on the field to the weather conditions. Managers who want to improve their playing skills can try out their abilities through this condition.

You can also enjoy the sensation of watching the team introduction stage before the match. This is similar to the introduction that football fans witness when watching a match at home. Improved game visual design also shows the stadium’s appearance as your team enters the arena, creating extra excitement and anticipation before the match.

Formation Recommendation Top Eleven

top eleven manager

When forming a team, you have to put them in formation. Here are some classic formation recommendations that new managers can try.

1. 4-2-3-1

This formation is known as the most “balanced” and does not burden the opposing player’s mentality too much. There’s a trap off side one to watch out for, but this formation is relatively ideal for facing most teams.

2. 3-2-2-3-1

This formation is very pressing for opposing players, ideal for offensive dominant positions. No trap off side.

3. 4-4-2

Also known as “bus park”, This classic position lends itself to a defensive style of play. This formation also does not put too much pressure on the opposing players.

4. 4-1-2-1-2

Also called “tiki taka”, This position includes neutral, but enough to press the opposing player. There is a choice of style tackle with level Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Tips for Becoming a Great Manager at Top Eleven

top eleven manager tips

Every manager at Top Elevate in the end have to develop their respective strategies to be able to win. However, there are a few tips that all managers can do to make it easier to win. The most important thing is to determine the type of team management contract (deal) that best fits your routine.

Remember, this game follows a standard time of 28 days to complete a season, but not all players can log in every day. You can enter the Assistant menu and select the type of contract such as Stable Income (get one token every day) up to Quick Buck (get tokens upfront then invest them).

Apart from the above information, there is no shortcut in Top Eleven. Make sure you hone your skills by learning about team members and their respective advantages so that the team’s reputation can increase and your income will increase. Come on, download the game now and test your skills!

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