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These are 10 'Monster Hunter World' Tips that Beginner Gamers Need to Know!

Monster Hunter is a digital game that lets you face off, fight, and hunt down various monsters. At first, this game was only for the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. However, since August 9 2022, you can already play the latest version, Monster Hunter: World in personal computer (PC).

This game is quite complicated for beginners. However, with patience and of course a series of trials, you can, really, master the basic techniques and mechanics to play games this.

Well, to win and hunt more monsters, you need sufficient supplies, ranging from information related to monster characters, weapons, how to collect resources, hunting monsters, to exploring the arena games. Well, here are ten tips that you can use as a gamers beginner. What are some?

Monster Hunter World Steam

1. Pay attention to the indicator of defeat

Not like online games In general, monster characters in Monster Hunter World don’t have health bars. health bar is a ‘lose’ indicator that you can read from the opposing side, to determine your potential to win or lose. However, you can still, really, read some of these signs of defeat. For example, through a limp walking movement, heavier breaths, or even this monster is ready to run away.

There is one tip that you must follow when hunting monsters: attack the same area. This method can overwhelm the monsters and fall, so you can attack them more freely. These tips are best used when you work as a team. You can assign a special personnel to attack a certain point.

2. Check Supply and Prepare Supplies

Before you start hunting, there are actually two things that you must complete. First thing, you can check the Supply Box to check your potions. Sometimes, you also need to choose the right equipment. The second thing, as a hunter, you also need to prepare provisions–or in this case food. You can prepare lunch at camp after reaching the starting area. Hunting with sufficient food supplies certainly brings its own advantages when you have to fight against monsters.

3. Recognize Weapons

Basically, every weapon you have has its own ability. However, to get to know each other better and use it effectively, you can, really, experiment with each weapon. Oh yeah, you can upgrade weapons too and craft armor.

Well, because it is often used, there are times when your weapon becomes dull. The sign can be seen from the weapon strength meter in the upper left corner. If you want to sharpen it, you can go to the warehouse and select Whetstone.

4. SOS Signals!

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. Included in the world games. You can use SOS Signals to signal other players that you need help on hunting missions. Moreover, some monsters can be very dangerous and can kill you with just one attack.

Well, apart from using SOS Signals, you can also ask for help from Ecological Researcher. Through him, you can find out exactly some information about your hunted monster, including weaknesses to what materials you can get from a monster.

5. Create a Trap

Making traps is the most basic method that is often used in hunting. You can apply it in Monster Hunter World. Several types of traps like electric traps or pitfall can weaken your prey, you know. In addition, you can also distract them by using Palico or Slinger.

6. Picky Bring Items

Even if you can, you can’t carry all of it items which are owned. Indoor space limitations pouch items requires you to choose items the most useful. Usually, a gamer beginners need potion, antidote, and mega potions. At the beginning of the game, you can also take materials from bone pile.

7. Block Other Monsters

Monsters in your area may also appear and attack when you are fighting a monster. To stop it, you can combine Slinger with man, then let them attack the annoying monsters. Normally, monsters would run away once hit by a loaded shot dung.

8. Check Prize Source

You can visit Resource Control in Astera to find quests. Now, quest nor optional quest you can complete this to get some items rare, material, and gems.

9. Follow and Take Advantage of Things Around

As you play, you’ll meet Scout Flies—green firefly characters—who will give you various clues, including making footprints. Footprint will take you to the Resource Point. Another way to get Resource Points is to find valuable materials or cut the body parts of the monsters you are fighting.

Apart from Scout Flies, actually some objects around you can be a fighting tool. Like, plant roots that can ensnare monsters or fast travel to save time.

10. Download Support Apps

Can be played in groups makes Monster Hunter: World one of the games most played on the Steam platform. Its popularity can be known easily, for example by typing keywords Monster Hunter World Steam.

To improve the gaming experience, you can download Monster Hunter World Mod and some supporting applications games, such as the Game Database (contains information about MHW, from monsters to gems); Field Guides of MHW (information on elements gameplay those at MHW); and Discord for easy communication.

monster hunter world system requirements

Those are ten playing tips Monster Hunter World what you need to know as gamers beginner. To get started, you can buy games this on the Steam platform and pay for it with your Steam Wallet balance. Fortunately, you can immediately do top up wallet via UniPin if your balance is low.

Games it is available in multiplayer and can be played online on line. So, you can invite your friends and create Squad. It must also be paid attention to keep paying attention Monster Hunter World System Requirements, such as device specifications, choose mouse, nor keyboard compatible, yes. Happy hunting!

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