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These 10 Hidden Things You Can Find in GTA V!

Since its initial release, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) it has placed a certain position in the hearts of its players. Moreover, when Rockstar Games launched its newest version, Grand Theft Auto V which comes with two pluses: it can be played online and multiplayer. In addition, as the latest digital game, GTA also has a number of interesting features, including three main characters in one game timelines, choice mod missions according to preferences, to beautiful visuals.

Well, just like the previous GTA series, in GTA V, you will be presented with various missions that must be completed. The interesting thing, you will also find a number of mysteries and hidden things in the process of fulfilling the mission. Of course, in this case you also have to compete with others gamers for. The reason is, some of them are even labeled ‘myths’ because their whereabouts have not been found.

So, what are the hidden things that are still a mystery that you can find in GTA V? Here’s the summary!

grand theft auto_ san andreas

1. The existence of UFOs

Rockstar Games seems quite observant in presenting mysterious surprises that are relevant to the real world. One of them, UFOs. In GTA V, you will find additional missions in which Michael’s character is persuaded by a man to smoke something and must fight aliens with minigun.

The debate arose: was it really a UFO or was it just a hallucination? On the other hand, you will find a number of evidences of the existence of UFOs, from UFO plane wrecks on the ocean floor, to records containing pyramids and UFOs.

2. Aliens

The question above may be refuted, when you meet an alien who is trapped in a frozen river near North Yankton. The alien is under the bridge and is trying to escape.

3. The Mystery of the Seabed

Besides UFOs, of course you also wonder about the existence of a high-tech city called Atlantis. Like the myth, Atlantis in GTA V is a lost city at the bottom of the ocean (Atlantis The Lost City). Unfortunately, to prove the existence of Atlantis, a player needs diving equipment that can explore the bottom of the ocean. Maybe that’s why, until now Atlantis The Lost City is still an unsolved mystery.

4. Mysterious Door

Still a matter of the seabed, you might find a mysterious door while using a mini-submarine. However, anything that gets close to it will usually be crushed by the high air pressure. Guess what’s behind that door, huh?

5. Jetpack

The existence of Jetpack—actually not a foreign thing among GTA players. However, not the previous version–Grand Theft Auto San Andreas—in GTA V, Jetpack is a rare thing to find its existence.

Until now, no player has managed to find Jetpack. However, if you are in the area of ​​the Mount Chiliad cable car station, you may see a map with the Jetpack symbol. This symbol is what makes many players speculate. Want to try exploring and prove it?

6. Jolene Cranley’s ghost

For those of you who want to see Jolene Cranley, you can come directly to Mount Gordo—to be precise, to a stone that says Jock. It is said, Jolene Cranley was pushed by her husband Kick Cranley to the edge of a cliff so that she fell and died. At certain hours, namely at 23.00 and 00.00, you can see the appearance of a female ghost who will disappear when approached. However, many people also doubt it. Not a few think that the ghost is Leonora Johnson. So, who is the real ghost on Mount Gordo?

7. The All Seeing Eyes

Connoisseurs of conspiracy theories, must be familiar with the symbols of Freemasonry or the Illuminati, right? Well, in GTA V you can find the symbol ‘The All Seeing Eyes’ every where. One thing that make curious: is this really just so that the gamers curious or is GTA V really related to the Illuminati?

8. Bigfoot

Basically, bigfoot is a myth. However, in GTA V, characters bigfoot really raised, you know. There are three ways you can choose to meet this snow monster. First, on a mission called Predator that lets you aim bigfoot with snipers. Second, hunting mission bigfoot false. Meanwhile, on the third mission—you might become bigfoot hallucinations due to eating certain plants.

9. Mysterious Number

Careful. Never ever call this number: 1-999-367-3767. The reason is, there will be an explosion right above your character. In addition, usually after dialing this number, WL your character will change to black and white.

Investigate, some say that this number is related to the murder case of the Live Infander CEO who died due to WL-exploded on receiving a phone call. However, there are also those who say that Rockstar was inspired by the GTA 5 DLC.

10. Zombies

Actually, the mystery of existence zombies has appeared from several previous series, such as GTA San Andreas and GTA IV. However, in GTA V, this mystery is again raised and updated with evidence of its existence make curious, from body bags near Area 51, coffins and flaming graves at Palomino Creek, to Zombotech.

grand theft auto v steam

Those are 10 hidden things that you can find in Grand Theft Auto V. About true or not and the mystery that surrounds it, you can explore and prove it for yourself, you know. You can download GTA on Steam by typing keywords Grand Theft Auto Steam or Grand Theft Auto V Steam (GTA V Steam). After that, can do top up Steam Wallet in several ways, such as buying vouchers physically at the convenience store, pay by PayPal/Credit Card; or visit marketplace special online games as Unipin. Anyway, there’s always an easy way to play GTA V!

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