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Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Try Paladins!

Have you heard Paladins? If not, maybe a similar game, Overwatch can be an illustration. genre First Person Shooter (FPS), initially, games made by Hi-Rez Studio, it is often considered to be ‘plagiarizing’ Overwatch. However, there is a very clear difference between the two.

name game Paladins Battle Royale is games team based. As a player, you can take on a character—hereinafter referred to as a Champion—according to your preferences, equipped with various unique abilities and skills. First, you will be taken into an ‘artificial world’ and create a team with other players. Because the theme survival, You have a task that is to fight against members of the opposing team.

At first glance, the above playing system may also be found in Overwatch. However, if Overwatch carries the theme sci-fi and modern war, Paladins are fantasy themed and modern war. This difference is then also translated in terms of graphics which tend to be cartoon-style, while Overwatch appears with high graphics.

In Overwatch, you will find two modes, namely capture the point and escort the payload. Well, good news: both are also available in Paladins. As for the third difference, in terms of character. In Overwatch, you can change the champion character (heroes) at each respaw. While in Paladins, you can still use the same character all the time. Several other advantages you can find: objective storyline, accompanied by dynamic background music, and of course: visually stunning details.

paladins gameplay

1. Always New and Updates

Since its initial release, Paladins continue to innovate and provide the latest features. In terms of games, for example. This game finally provides party mode which allows you to play with friends. Periodically, usually in a matter of months, the game map is updated and games it gives champion ability and skin which can be purchased with coins.

This change finally makes it feel fresher, so as a player, you will not be bored. Oh yes, Paladins are also international, you know. So, if you are reliable, you can take part in world-class competitions!

2. Fashion Games Pleasant

At point one, party mode already mentioned. However, apart from party mode, Paladins Gameplay also have a number mode fresh and fun, just like PayLoad, Siege, Player vs Enemy (PVE), Test Map, and Training.

On payload, one team has to push objectives (bomb train) following the rails to the enemy base. Well, the opposing team will do their best to keep the bomb train from reaching its destination. When time runs out or someone has managed to reach the goal, then the two teams can switch positions. The team that pushes the furthest and fastest will be the winner.

While in Siege, each team will compete to fill the bar objectives. The trick, you can do it by being silent Objective Spawners. Whoever manages to fill the bar up to 100% will get objectives plus one point. However, the task does not stop there. Those who get objectives have to push objectives to the opposing team’s headquarters. The successful team will get one additional point, while if it loses, it must be willing to give the points to the opponent. Those who already get four points first, are immediately crowned the winners.

Player vs Enemy (PVE) then it becomes mode third. The difference is, this time you will fight with computer-controlled enemies and struggle to get objectives. Oh yes, if you get it, you don’t need to be pushed to the other side, okay? You’ve won, really.

On test maps, You will be placed on a map that is still under development. So, the map is still very minimal in color and shows lines pixels. It’s your job to design folder the.

The last mode, that is Training. As the name implies, this is where you can adapt and practice your skills in using champions.

3. Free to Choose Champion

In Paladinsyou can choose from four types of Champions: front line, damage, flank, and support. Just like his name, front line has one main task, which is to advance to the line and get or keep the target. Well, because of that task, one of the frontline skills focused on defense and health points (the ‘lives’ indicator) is great. consequence, champion this type tends to have a less severe attack. Even though you can get eliminate, generally they will be difficult to do solo kills. A number of frontline champion that you can use, namely Ruckus, Torvald, Fernando, etc.

Next, let’s get acquainted with the second type: damage. Because it’s in the second line, damage including the type that has many tasks. Most importantly, to provide assistance to frontline, prevent and stop the enemy from getting the target, and if necessary: ​​kill the enemy. A number of champion this type, namely Tyra, Kinessa, Sha Lin, etc.

Defense already. Time to attack. Well, for this one strategy, you need flanks. His job is to disrupt the formation and attack the opponent. They are usually designed to be more agile and fast, even including in terms of ‘escape’ if needed. Unfortunately, they are not equipped with defensive abilities and tend to have health points small. So, if you are pressed, the potential to lose is greater. A number of champion This type is, Androxus, Skye, Maeve, Evie, etc.

Support be the last type champions. His job is to heal team members and support the attacks of his team. However, usually they have the ability defense small and often the target. A number of champion This type is, Grover, Mal’Damba, Pip, Grohk, etc.

4. Many Supporting Features

Well, another plus, this game has a lot of supporting features make your game is more fun. Some of them are Items (tools or effects that can be purchased to make it easier to fight enemies), Credits (amount of balance to buy items), Loadout (support card every champion), Skins (costume), Gold & Crystal (saving ‘treasure’ to buy various items interesting), Quest (how to send or get gifts), and Events (various events organized and you can participate in).

Specifically for gold or credits, usually games FPS type is equipped with various platform that allows you to do top-up balance easily.

Those are four reasons why you should play Paladins. To play, all you have to do is visit Steam or type a keyword Paladins Steam in search engines. Don’t forget to follow some Paladins System Requirementsher, yes!

Well, even though it can be played for free, this game has several features that are still locked, one of which is Champion. You can visit UniPin for easy access buy each character with gold or purchase the ‘Founder Pack’ for all Champion access. Good luck!

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