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Mavis Magic Chess, Vampire Countess with 3 Cool Skills

Mobile Legends games are increasingly loved by the younger generation, especially teenagers. Since it was first launched by Moonton in 2022, it’s always been there updates the latest from the Mobile Legends game. No wonder there are more and more viewers games this one MOBA concept phone.

Now, updates latest from games this is fashion magic chess which can be found at Arcade. Have a concept idle games, You will play on a chessboard with a size of 6×7. Each team contains 8 players with one commander. Harper will be commander the first to be your playmate. Then, you can choose commander others, one of which is Mavis magic chess.

Actually, what role does it have commander in fashion magic chess Mobile Legends? In short, commander have a duty to strategize when playing so you can win. Then, commander also serves as a guide to life; you can see this HP in the form of bars. Keep this HP because if it runs out, it means you lose.

Don’t miss it, every commander have skills which is very unique. There are three skills provided for each character. You can use this ability to win the match on very easy terms, which is to create a synergy with the Mobile Legends hero. Matching hero and commander The right ones will produce great synergies.

However, all skills you can’t just use it or play it in one go. Commander yours should be upgraded experience-its because every time it goes up expthe new ability of commander you can just try. It’s fun playing mode magic chess in this Mobile Legends? Come on, let’s get acquainted with one commander-his, Mavis magic chess.

Mavis Magic Chess the Vampire Countess

mavis magic chess skills

Commander Mavis is one of commander in fashion magic chess which you can get by buying it using battle points or diamonds. Commander this one had another name Vampire Countess. Shaped like a bat with cute size, purple eyes, and slightly blackish pink wings.

If you are very familiar with games Mobile Legends, maybe you are quite familiar when you see commander Mavis. Yes, the Vampire is indeed adapted from one of the heroes, namely the hero Cecilion. Skills main owned commander Mavis herself is able to regenerate HP when you win in one rounds. This is the reason commander Mavis magic chess very suitable to be used as a defense from the start of playing until games done.

Skills qualified Commander Mavis

commander mavis magic chess

Then, what the heck? skills Mavis magic chess which you can use in this game? Here’s the review.

1. Level 1: Gathering Strength

First skill possessed commander Mavis is Gathering Strength. The ability at this first level will start the game with showdown. Later every time you win round, MOBILE PHONE commander Mavis will be regenerated by 4.

Skills have commander This Mavis is perfect if you use it for defense. The reason is, your team will be quite difficult to conquer by the enemy team. Besides that, Gathering Strength also very well combined with synergy late game. Combo Mavis magic chess this will produce tremendous power if you have a rare hero character like Ling, Thamuz, or Claude.

2. Level 2: My Soldiers Attack

Mavis magic chess also equipped with an ability called My Soldiers Attack at level two. If you manage to raise experience from commander Mavis, you can use this ability. My Soldiers Attack will help provide damage addition to commander from the opposing team. Not only that, commander Mavis will help restore your team’s HP up to 50%.

However, skills you can only get this after playing 5 round in magic chess. The plus point is that when you can survive until the end of the game and then enter the fate box, you will have a fairly large HP. Not bad, right, because the chances of winning are also bigger.

3. Level 3: A Matter of Life and Death

Ability commander Mavis the third last alias is A Matter of Life and Death. Judging from the name, skills this one is really cool. Through this ability, commander Mavis is able to help recover as much as 4 HP each commander who have lost.

Even, skills level 3 can increase up to 10 HP if you beat the opposing team. Indeed, the three abilities commander Mavis is said to be lifesteal because it is able to restore HP. This means, if you want to use a synergy that is complex and requires more time, you can consider commander Mavis as an option.

It turns out that it takes a struggle to be able to enjoy everything skills which are owned Mavis magic chess. Even though his abilities are very tempting, you have to keep playing to level up this Vampire Countess so that skillsit can be used as much as possible. You also have to find and combine various Mobile Legends hero characters with commander Mavis in order to find the right synergy.

So no be patient, I want to play the character soon commander Mavis in magic chess Mobile Legends? If you want to have commander this bat without having to wait for luck to get it for free through events which is held by Moonton, you can buy it directly using it battle points or diamonds.

Don’t have enough diamonds? Don’t worry, just go ahead top up diamonds so you can play soon magic chess with commander Mavis. Be careful, don’t choose the wrong place top up diamonds, yes! Make sure you recharge diamonds only in trusted places like UniPin.

There are many nominal diamonds on UniPin, so you can buy it according to your needs. Not only that, the payment methods available on UniPin are also very diverse. Guaranteed to make you no confused and have difficulty really want to transact. To make it even cooler, you can buy it at the same time skin commander Mavis with diamonds the. So, commander Mavis can perform optimally in the area battle magic chess. Come on, let’s play magic chess also!

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