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The Best Kagura Mobile Legend Character Build Guide

Kagura Mobile Legend is one of the heroes who have the ability burst damage sickest. You can rely on the agility and strength of this onmyouji master hero to defeat the enemy easily. Especially, skill combos Kagura had become a top banned because it was too deadly.

Compared to other heroes, Kagura’s popularity has decreased quite drastically. However, it does not reduce Kagura’s ability to defeat various types of heroes. So that you can take full advantage of Kagura and dominate the battle with other heroes, here’s a guide build which can be followed.

Recommended Kagura Mobile Legends Emblem

Kagura Emblem

The first thing you can do when build Kagura is an emblem selection. The most suitable set of Kagura emblems is when you use a custom mage combination of Agility, Observation, and Talent Magic Worship. The combination of the three, gives damage additional and more agile movements.

The Kagura Tier 1 Agility Emblem gives additional movement speed. Furthermore, the tier 2 Observation emblem has an effect magical penetration. This additional effect makes it easier for Kagura’s attacks to penetrate the defense magic enemy heroes. Lastly, Talent Magic Worship doesn’t just give damage high, but accompanied by a burn effect.

Battle Spell Best Kagura

Kagura's best spells

If the emblem is complete, you also need to pay attention to the selection battle spells best Kagura. There are 2 considerations battle spells Kagura that you can choose, namely:

1. Execute

Choice spell Kagura’s first best is Execute. Battle spells it gives damage extra 200 and you can activate it when there is an enemy hero nearby. The cooldown is indeed long, which is 90 seconds. However, you will get a cooldown reduction of 40% when you kill an enemy hero with Execute.

2. Flameshot

Spell You can also use Kagura to kill enemy heroes who run away in a dying HP condition. When activating Flameshot, you will shoot enemy heroes with missiles that have magic damage quite high, depending on magic power from Kagura.

Interestingly, Flameshot is not only spell the best Kagura that you can use to attack. There is also an option to use Flameshot as a defense. Moreover, Flameshot has a knock back effect on enemies that are hit.

Combo Skill Kagura Mobile Legend

Counter Hero Kagura

Combo skills Kagura can be effective if you understand how each move works. Therefore, you need to first equip yourself with knowledge skills owned by Kagura as follows:

1. Skills Passive: Yin Yang Gathering

The first move is Yin Yang Gathering, active when Kagura takes Seimei Umberella. Under these conditions, Kagura will obtain shield and at the same time give stun and slow effects to enemy heroes.

2. Skills 1: Seimei Umbrella Open

When activating skills In this case, Kagura will move Seimei Umbrella in a certain direction. Furthermore, every enemy hero that is passed will get damage 330 (+150% total magic power) plus the slow effect.

3. Skills 2: Rasho Umbrella Flee

You can activate the Rasho Umbrella Flee stance in 2 conditions, namely with or without Seimei Umbrella. When using Seimei Umbrella, Kagura will obtain debuff removal and move to a predetermined point. In Kagura’s situation without Seimei Umbrella, Kagura will move towards the location of the umbrella and cause a magic damage to enemy heroes.

4. Skills 3: Yin Yang Overturn

As well as skills 2, you will be able to use the Yin Yang Overturn in two conditions. When using an umbrella, Kagura not only gives magic damage to enemy heroes, but also with knock back and slow effects.

When Kagura throws the umbrella, enemies around Seimei Umbrella will be hit magic damage and slow effect. In addition, there are chains that attract enemies and provide magic damage extra.

That’s not enough. Skills ultimate Kagura gives a cooldown reset effect for the Umbrella Open stance. So, you can use this ultimate to spam moves and paralyze enemy heroes quickly.

Up here, you understand that Kagura has skills many active, namely 5 moves. You can also activate each move in sequence to do skill combos Kagura.

To start a combo, you can throw an umbrella at the enemy by activating skills 1. Next, activate skills ultimate so that the enemy is hit damage big. Then, reactivate it skills 1.

Combo skills Kagura didn’t stop here. You can still continue with skills 2 to switch places to the location of the umbrella and at the same time give a stun effect. Activate skills ultimate so that the enemy is knocked back. Take distance by wearing skills 2 and finish off enemy heroes with skills 1.

It’s a bit complicated and will be difficult, especially for those of you who are new to playing the Mobile Legend game. To make it easier for you to understand, skill combos Kagura you can do in order skills 1-3-1-2-3-2-1.

Item Tips Build Hero Kagura

Kagura Skill Combo

To maximize skills Kagura, you need to equip it with the right items. Here’s a recommendation build items you can use:

1. Arcane Boots

This item can be the first choice, and is often a subscription option for hero mages. Not only increasing movement speed, but there are also magical extra penetration.

2. Clock of Destiny

Using Clock of Destiny can increase mana, HP, and at the same time magic power. In addition, this item has 2 skills passive in the form of Time and Reincarnate which are useful for winning the battle.

3. Lightning Truncheon

This item’s passive ability can give magic damage addition to enemy heroes near Kagura. In addition, Lightning Truncheon has attributes to increase mana, magic poweras well as cooldown reduction.

4. Enchanted Talisman

You can also get cooldown reduction from Enchanted Talisman. In addition, this item has a passive ability in the form of 10% mana recovery per 10 seconds.

5. Ice Queen Wand

The use of the Ice Queen Wand can make Kagura even more deadly. This item has skills passive that can reduce enemy movement speed.

6. Holy Crystal

Finally, there is a Holy Crystal item that contains skills passive Exterminate. Skills the passive gives an additional 15% magic power on attack.

Counter Hero Kagura Mobile Legend

Hero Kagura Mobile Legend

With various skills he has, Kagura is a deadly hero. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t beat him. There are several choices of Kagura hero counters that you can use, including:

1. Valir

Long-range combat is indeed Kagura’s weapon. However, you can fight it effectively using Valir. You can shoot Kagura with fire attacks from a longer distance than the umbrella’s range.

2. Gusion

Burst damage Gusion’s height is the right consideration to choose him as Kagura’s counter hero. You can do pursuits continuously, so Kagura has difficulty responding.

3. Nana

Skills Nana’s morph is a powerful weapon that makes this character a Kagura counter hero. Moreover, Nana’s attack distance is further than Kagura.

That’s the complete guide build Kagura Mobile Legend hero that you can try. Build this can help you to play Kagura more effectively. You also need to equip yourself with enough diamonds, the way to topup is only in Unipin. Topup you can do practically, anytime, and from anywhere.

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