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Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Franco Mobile Legend

Franco Mobile Legend is one of the heroes who acts as a Tank in the game. This hero has crowd control skills that are difficult to match. Therefore, opponents who face Franco will be very careful so as not to die due to heavy damage.

However, Franco is difficult to master. This also makes players not just choose this hero, especially those who are still beginners. However, along with high playing hours, the ability to control a great hero like Franco will definitely increase.

Franco Mobile Legend Emblems and Spells

Franco's Emblem

The Franco emblem that you can use is the Support emblem. There are several talents to choose from from this emblem, including Agility, Rupture, and Pull Yourself Together. Agility is a talent that is useful for increasing movement speed on heroes. Meanwhile, Rupture will add Hybrid Penetration capabilities. Another talent option is Pull Yourself Together, which is the ability to reduce respawn times.

In addition to choosing the right emblem, using the best spell will also increase the hero’s performance. Franco’s best battle spells include two, namely Aegis and Flicker. Both can be your choice when playing this hero in the game. With the Aegis spell, you can get a shield that will absorb damage within 3 seconds. In addition, other heroes around Franco will also get the shield effect.

In addition to Aegis, also use the Flicker spell, which is the ability to move places in a certain direction. In addition, you will get physical defense and magic defense. However, the cooldown time for this spell is long enough so you have to use it wisely.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Franco Mobile Legends

Franco's best spells

Franco Mobile Legend is widely used by the best players. However, this hero has advantages and disadvantages like other heroes. One of Franco’s strengths is that he can kidnap the opponent’s hero just by using his 1st skill. Franco also has good crowd control skills, especially when attacking targeted opponents. So, if you face one on one with the enemy, you can be sure Franco will excel.

Another advantage that Franco has is having high mobility. This hero can move very fast when roaming to help other team members. This is possible because of the passive skills or additional items that Franco has. This advantage is also usually used by Franco to escape when in the midst of a critical situation.

In addition, Franco Mobile Legend also has a skill combo that is not difficult to apply. It’s just that players need to consider distance and position when starting to attack so that the results are more effective. This is especially important when dealing with agile heroes. On the other hand, Franco’s weakness in Mobile Legend lies in the need for Mana, even though the price is not cheap. For Franco, Mana is a scourge because his skill is very dependent on the availability of the item. To avoid this, make sure you have enough Mana stock while playing.

Counter Hero Franco Mobile Legends

Counter Hero Franco

Each hero must have a counter hero that can be used. Well, there are several counter heroes for Franco, namely Selena, Sun, and Johnson. Selena can be used to immobilize Franco through her stun skill. Therefore, if you are dealing with this hero, be careful when you are silent. At that time, Selena could take the opportunity to attack.

Hero Sun is also quite dangerous for Franco. The reason is, this hero can move in the shadows. Because it is not easy to see, Franco can not predict the coming attack. In addition, Sun’s shadow greatly annoys other heroes he fights with.

Johnson can be a counter hero for Franco. This is due to the unbalanced comparison of the thickness of the shield between the two. Johnson has a thick shield so he is more able to defend than Franco.

Combo Skill Franco Mobile Legends

Franco's Combo Skills

Each user of this hero must know the skill combos that can be used in the game. However, before using Franco’s combo skill, you need to pay attention to the skills possessed by this hero. Franco’s passive skill is Wasteland Force. Through this skill, Franco can increase his movement speed if he is not damaged. Skill 1, Iron Hook, will damage the opponent when the hero throws the hook. In addition, the opponent will be attracted towards him so that it is easy to knock out.

Franco’s 2nd skill is Fury Shock. Using this skill, Franco can give a slow effect on the enemy when stomping his body on the ground. Meanwhile, his ultimate skill is Bloody Hunt, which gives a stun effect when he can bite his opponent. Based on the skills possessed by Franco, the deadliest skill combo is the skill pattern 1> Flicker> ultimate skill> skill 2> basic attack. With this attack pattern, you can make the enemy defenseless.

Tips for Playing Franco Mobile Legends

Hero Franco Mobile Legend

Well, for those of you who choose Franco Mobile Legend in the game, there are a number of tips that need to be considered. One of them, using a situational item in the form of Immortality. This item will help you stay afloat from the beginning to the end of the game. In addition, you can also buy a roaming item, namely Shadow Mask. This item will make the hero more flexible when initiating the fight. In addition, Shadow Mask will also make Franco have a faster movement. Now, to be more useful for the team, Franco must be brave to go to the forefront. The advantage usually makes the opponent shrink.

To be more effective when attacking, make sure you have also used all the skills you have. So, having a Franco Mobile Legend hero in the team will be very helpful. Don’t let you miss the opportunity to use this hero in the game. To make it smoother when playing, top up first via UniPin. With an easy and practical payment method, playing Mobile Legends is even more fun.

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