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Tips for Playing Johnson Mobile Legend for Easy Win

Johnson Mobile Legend is a powerful Tank hero. This hero is in the form of a cyborg with a sturdy body. Johnson was originally described as a popular rugby athlete. However, a terrible event changed his life.

One of Johnson’s uniqueness is that it can turn into a car. This has something to do with what happened previously. While Johnson was driving, he nearly hit a small child. The incident miraculously made his body unite with the car.

Emblem Johnson Mobile Legend

Johnson Emblem

In Mobile Legends, the emblem serves to increase the status of the hero. Heroes who are not equipped with the right emblem will play less than optimally. However, to maximize the function of the emblem takes a long time. Emblems can be obtained with magic dust or diamonds.

There are several talents in the Tank hero emblem to improve its performance, including Vitality, Shield, Firmness, Inspire, Purity, Tenacity, and Fourtress. This emblem can be used to add Physical Defense, Magical Defense, HP, HP Regen, and CD Reduction on Johnson Mobile Legend.

Well, the recommended Johnson emblems are Vitality, Inspire, and Tenacity. Vitality is useful for increasing HP on heroes. Inspire’s function is to reduce the cooldown on hero skills. Tenacity is useful for increasing defense when the hero faces certain conditions.

Spell Johnson Mobile Legends

Hero Johnson Mobile Legend

Spell is a build item hero in Mobile Legends that should not be ignored. Spells can increase the skills possessed by the hero to be used during the game. There are various types of Battle Spells in Mobile Legends, including Execute, Retribution, Sprint, Aegis, Revitalize, and so on.

Johnson’s best spells are Flicker, Sprint, and Vengeance. Flicker is useful to make it easier for heroes to move places in the desired direction. This is usually done to chase the enemy or escape from the enemy.

Sprint is the ability to run fast. Heroes who use the Sprint spell will be able to chase enemies or escape faster. Meanwhile, Vengeance is a spell that aims to provide a magic damage reflection effect.

These three spells will help you maximize the function of the hero in the game. You can start using it at the start of the game. Then, combine it with other spells that are considered to be able to improve the hero’s performance against enemies.

Counter Hero Johnson Mobile Legends

Counter Hero Johnson

Counter hero is an effective hero used against certain heroes. Well, if you play the Johnson Mobile Legend hero, be careful with some of the counter heroes, namely Lunox, Akai, Diggie, Zhask, Chou, Wanwan, Esmeralda, and others.

Johnson’s counter hero has the power to overcome Johnson’s hero skills. Lunox, for example, can avoid Johnson’s collision by relying on immune skills. In fact, Lunox can counterattack using the ultimate combo.

Akai also has the ability to avoid Johnson’s collision. This hero can even help other team members to survive Johnson’s deadly skill. Another hero to watch out for is Zhask. With his ability, Zhask can kill Johnson easily.

Combo Skill Johnson Mobile Legends

Johnson's best spell

Johnson’s main ability that can kill enemies is to do hit and run. However, this hero also has several other skills. Johnson Mobile Legend’s passive skill is Electro-airbag, which is removing a shield when HP is less than 30%. This shield can last 10 seconds and can absorb damage.

Johnson’s 1st skill is Deadly Pincers. With this ability, Johnson can throw Spanner weapons at enemies. This weapon can stun the enemy if it is affected. Skill 2 is Electromag Rays. Johnson can make enemies slow with tools such as fans.

Rapid Touchdown is the ultimate skill possessed by Johnson Mobile Legend. Here, the hero will turn into a car and can bring his teammates. Johnson can hit the enemy and produce slow effects and magic damage.

Johnson’s combo skill is to combine all the skills you have. However, the best strategy is to start the attack with the ultimate skill, then add damage with skill 2 and skill 1. By turning into a car, Johnson can make a more optimal contribution to the team.

Tips for Playing Johnson Mobile Legends

Combo Skill Johnson

To play using Johnson’s hero to the fullest, you also have to know the tips and strategies to play. What can be done to increase the chance of killing the enemy?

Use Situational Items

One of the things you can do is use the available situational items. There are various types of items that can be used based on the situation that occurs in the game.

For Johnson, a possible situational item is Immortality. This item allows Johnson to come back to life even though he has been defeated by the enemy. This item is usually used by Tank heroes towards the end of the game.

Use Ultimate Skills Wisely

Another tip is to use Johnson’s ultimate skill wisely. The ultimate skill, which is turning into a car, is actually very effective because the team can go around looking for enemies throughout the game area.

However, players who cannot control the movement of the car can actually harm the team. This car can move in any direction and make attacks less directed.

Also Use Skill 1 More Often

Don’t just focus on Johnson’s ultimate skill, you also need to use skill 1 more often. This attack can inflict considerable damage on the opponent. The resulting stun effect will help you optimize the impact of the next ultimate skill. Because they are too busy with the ultimate skill, players sometimes forget this advantage.

Playing Johnson Mobile Legend can be said to be quite exciting, moreover you can change your form in an instant and can attack your opponent more optimally. Well, to make the game more interesting, you need to buy diamonds first. The trick is to top up via UniPin easily and quickly. Come on, start playing now with hero Johnson.

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