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The Best Esmeralda Mobile Legend Character Build Guide

Hero tanks usually have high defense with damage low. However, you have a chance to kill enemy heroes if you use the Esmeralda Mobile Legend tank hero. This hero is a mage character who has damage tall and status as a hero tank.

The unique characteristics of Esmeralda, make this one hero you can play flexibly. It’s just, you can run into trouble. Moreover, the way to play and the hero build that you need to do is much different when compared to other heroes. So that you can play Esmeralda to its full potential, see the following complete build guide, OK.

Esmeralda Emblem Recommended

Esmeralda Emblem

The first build that you need to understand when playing the Esmeralda hero is the emblem. As a hero mage tank, the most suitable Esmeralda emblem is the custom mage emblem. You also need to increase the effectiveness of using skills magic to finish off every enemy in the arena.

For tier 1 emblems, you can choose Mastery. This one emblem is useful for cooldown reduction. That way, you can spam magic. Next, take advantage of the Observation emblem for tier 2 options. Observation is useful for increasing penetration, so your attacks will be more painful.

Then, what about the tier 3 Esmeralda emblem? Instead of choosing Impure Rage or Mystery Shop, you can prioritize your choice on Magic Worship. This emblem gives damage high, equal to 7% of the target hero’s maximum HP. In addition, Magic Worship burns attacks.

Esmeralda’s Best Spell Selection

Esmeralda's best spells

The use of spells can have a crucial effect in a battle. Therefore, you need to build Esmeralda’s best spell correctly. You can also take advantage of the build emblem to cover Esmeralda’s big weakness. That weakness is none other than when dealing with enemy heroes who have skills crowd control.

Esmeralda’s best spell recommendations that are suitable for covering weaknesses against skills crowd control you can do that by using Purify. This spell is very effective in saving you from the effects crowd control. Not only removing debuffs, Purify also provides an immune effect and movement speed addition.

Esmeralda Combo Skills

Counter Hero Esmeralda

To be able to take advantage of the Esmeralda skill combo, you need to equip yourself with knowledge about each of the moves he has. Here is a brief explanation:

1. Passive Skill : Starmoon Casket

Starmoon Casket is a passive skill that allows Esmeralda Mobile Legend to manipulate 2 active skills, Frostmoon Shield and Stardust Dance. When attacking with Stardust, the enemy will gain physical damage extra. Meanwhile, Frostmoon raises magic damage and shield on target equal to 150% damage.

2. Skill 1: Frostmoon Shield

Frostmoon Shield is a skill that plays a role in providing extra protection for Esmeralda Mobile Legend. The shield power of this active skill will continue to increase along with damage received by enemy heroes. Therefore, Frostmoon Shield is a skill that makes Esmeralda a difficult tank hero to kill.

There are effective tips that you can do to maximize the Frostmoon Shield skill. Instead of attacking one hero, you can choose to attack several heroes at once. Plus, Esmeralda’s Frostmoon Shield can take over the enemy’s shield as her own.

3. Skill 2: Stardust Dance

Stardust Dance or star dance gives physical damage for target heroes. Not only that, Esmeralda’s second skill is a move that supports the performance of her first move. For each damage received by the enemy, you will get cooldown reduction by 1 second for the Frostmoon Shield skill.

4. Skill 3 Ultimate: Falling Starmoon

Lastly, there is the ultimate skill which is a combination of strength between Stardust and Frostmoon. You can earn damage large and wide attack range according to its duration. Furthermore, Esmeralda can direct the attack and the target hero will get damage by physical and magical.

By understanding how each move works, you can try an effective Esmeralda skill combo. The trick, you need to cast the ultimate in a rather long time so that damageit’s big. At the same time, you need to aim it at the target hero. In this situation, you must have good coordination with friends.

After the ultimate comes out, you can activate skill 1 whose goal is to take over the enemy’s shield. As a final step, you can issue skill 2. So, you can do the Esmeralda skill combo sequence by activating skill 3, which is then followed by skill 1 and skill 2.

Tips for Build Items Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legend

The next important factor that you should not miss is the build item. Errors in item builds have a direct effect on Esmeralda Mobile Legend’s fighting ability.

1. Warrior Boots

The use of this one item gives additional physical defense at once movement speed quite significant. In addition, you will acquire Valor’s passive skill which will increase physical defense for each damage from normal enemy attacks.

2. Enchanted Talisman

Presence of effect cooldown reduction making this one item is very important for Esmeralda. Thanks to that effect, you can spam magic towards the enemy. In addition, there is an additional effect of mana regeneration, you know.

3. Calamity Reaper

You also need to equip Esmeralda Mobile Legend with the Calamity Reaper item. This item not only adds magic power, mana regen, and cooldown reduction. However, you will also obtain the true effect damage as well as movement speed short.

4. Immortality

You also need to take advantage of the existence of Immortality for Esmeralda. This item gives a second life to the hero mage tank this. Moreover, you will get additional HP and physical significant defense when using it.

5. Holy Crystal

Additional +100 Magic Power makes this item very useful in increasing Esmeralda’s attack. In addition, there is a passive skill called Mistero that can increase damage magic Esmeralda by 21-35%.

6. Oracle

The last Esmeralda build item recommendation is Oracle. You will get a passive skill called Bless which is useful for increasing abilities shield absorption and an additional 30% HP.

Counter Hero Esmeralda

Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legend

With the various skills she has, Esmeralda is indeed a very troublesome hero. However, Esmeralda is not a perfect hero who cannot be defeated. There are several Esmeralda hero counters that you can choose to fight against, namely:

1. Eudora

Esmeralda’s first counter hero is Eudora. You can rely on this hero thanks to burst damage accompanied by stun with a long duration.

2. Guinevere

Damage which is very high become Guinevere’s main advantage. Moreover, this Esmeralda counter hero has the ability to give long duration stun to enemy heroes.

3. Akai

Finally, you can use Akai as a hero counter Esmeralda. This hero is not very popular. However, her ultimate can withstand Esmeralda’s power if used properly.

Well, that’s the Esmeralda Mobile Legend hero build guide that you need to know. To maximize Esmeralda’s potential, you need to have enough diamonds. Therefore, make sure you topup on Unipin and equip Esmeralda with the strongest build.

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