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The Best Mathilda Mobile Legends Character Build Guide

Mathilda is one of the unique Mobile Legend heroes. You can find this uniqueness in his role. You can use Mathilda as a hero assassin in charge of hunting down enemies. At the same time, there is also an opportunity to take advantage of Mathilda’s combo skill as support.

Thanks to the two roles that she can play, you have the opportunity to play Mathilda flexibly. In fact, you can carry out both roles if you are able to build Mathilda’s hero correctly. Then, how to build the best Mathilda hero? To get the answer, let’s see the complete guide below.

Recommended Emblem Mathilda Mobile Legend

Mathilda Emblem

The best Mathilda emblem choice is the custom mage emblem. It’s just that you can adjust the settings according to the style of the game. There are 2 options you can do, namely:

1. Support Mid

The Mathilda emblem build as a mid support requires her to always move and ensure that the mid tower is maintained. Therefore, you need the right combination of emblems. The recommendation, you can use the Agility, Rupture, and Talent Focusing Mark emblems.

2. Roamer Support and Sidelaner

You can also do the role as roamer support and sidelaner using Mathilda. The trick, you can focus on Poke Damage by using a costume mage emblem with a combination of Mastery, Catastrophe, and Talent Magic Worship.

Mathilda’s Best Spell Choices

Mathilda's best spells

Next, you also need to choose Mathilda’s spell carefully. There are 3 recommended spells that you can put forward, namely:

  • Flicker. Spell Flicker is very useful in making it easier for you to catch running opponents.
  • Aegis. The use of this Mathilda spell is appropriate when you act as a support mid. You can provide strong protection for friend heroes.
  • Execute. This Mathilda spell is also suitable, especially when you are in a side laner position. This spell allows you to secure kills.

Combo Skill Hero Mathilda

Counter Hero Mathilda

Mathilda has skills that make it easy for you to play. Moreover, how to use Mathilda’s skills does not require manual guidance. That way, you will have no trouble trying Mathilda’s combo skill.

Before practicing Mathilda’s combo skill, you first need to understand every move this hero has. Hero Mathilda has the following skill sets:

  • Ancestral Guidance. This skill is passive which gives a mana stack effect. Furthermore, you can also perform stronger normal attacks and additional movement speed.
  • Soul Bloom (Skill 1). Mathilda will do a wisp summon that you can collect up to 4-6 wisp. The more wisp collected, the more damage the enemy hero will receive.
  • Guiding Wind (Skill 2). This skill makes Mathilda act as a support hero. When using Guiding Wind, Mathilda will do a dash and at the same time get a shield along with a friend’s hero.
  • Circling Eagle (Skill 3 Ultimate). You have the opportunity to lock or lock one enemy hero with the ultimate Mathilda. Furthermore, you can carry out as many attacks as possible until the enemy is killed.

If used properly, Mathilda’s combo skill can kill enemy heroes effectively. First, you activate skill 1 and get 6 stack wisp. After that, you can use skill 3 to confine and stun enemy heroes. In addition, use skill 2 to increase Mathilda’s defense.

Tips for Build Items Mathilda Mobile Legend

Mathilda Combo Skills

To complete Mathilda’s abilities, you need to use the right build items. Here are the recommendations for Mathilda’s hero build items that you can follow:

  • Winter Truncheon : This item can help Mathilda’s defensive ability. Moreover, if you are dealing with a hero who has consecutive attacks. You can get this because Winter Truncheon has a skill that makes the hero immune to all kinds of damage for 2 seconds.
  • Immortality : This item is a mandatory choice when playing Mobile Legend. Using Immortality makes you feel like you have a second life. It is important for you to choose when entering the mid game.
  • Demon Shoes : An additional +40 movement speed when using Demon Shoes makes Mathilda more agile. The increase in speed gave Mathilda an opportunity to make stack wisp easier. Plus, you will also get +30 mana regen.
  • Ice Queen Wand : Not enough to increase movement speed. You also need to equip Mathilda with the Ice Queen Wand. By using this item, Mathilda’s attack will have the effect of lowering the enemy hero’s movement speed.
  • Glowing Wand : Hero Mathilda will be more deadly if equipped with Glowing Hand. This item provides additional movement speed and a burn effect that gives damage over time (DoT).
  • Courage Mask : Courage Mask item is the next right choice. Its use gives quite a lot of extra movement speed for Mathilda.

Counter Hero Mathilda

Then, what if you meet an enemy who uses the hero Mathilda? Do not panic. You can use various choices of Mathilda’s hero counters. Here are 5 of them:

  • Khufra : As a tank hero, Khufra is the right choice when you face Mathilda. High durability, making Khufra able to withstand high attacks. In addition, Khufra is a hero who has good crowd control abilities.
  • Terizla : Hero fighter like Terizla you can also use to fight and defeat Mathilda. This Mathilda counter hero has high burst damage that can be dangerous. Moreover, Terizla has crowd control abilities that make him superior.
  • Helcurt : This assassin is also an interesting consideration as a counter hero Mathilda. You can rely on Helcurt to use silence and slow skills. As a complement, Helcurt can execute Mathilda with the Deadly Stinger skill.
  • Cyclops : Hero Cyclops has an ultimate that can lock Mathilda’s movements. Furthermore, you can defeat Mathilda with other skills.
  • Franco : Franco’s skill that is able to give stun attacks can be a deadly weapon for Mathilda. Not only that, Franco’s ultimate is capable of dealing painful damage.

Well, that’s a complete guide that you can use when playing the Mathilda Mobile Legend hero. You can do the Mathilda hero build to the maximum with sufficient diamond capital. You can topup diamonds easily through Unipin. Practically, you can do it anytime and anywhere, you know!

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