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Want To Know How To Play AU2 Mobile? This is the Complete Guide

Tired of adventure games full of tricky challenges? Games full music with dance and sweet character AU2 Mobile can you lyric Not only is it full of fun music that makes you sway, but this game also offers an adorable colorful graphic display.

To know more about how how to play AU2 Mobile the following interesting features and how to top up, first see the complete guide below.

What is AU2 Mobile?

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Including one of the many games dance and popular music, AU2 Mobile (EN) – Lovely Babies Game dance combines the most complete social features. Here, you can socialize by playing with players from all over the world. For starters, you are invited to create attractive-looking characters on the dance floor. Just set the appearance of your mainstay character from the available character choices.

According to the genre that is carried, you will be invited to focus on tapping skills. Similar to other dance games, your fingers have to be good at following the signs while still being able to enjoy the accompanying music as well as your character’s cool dances.

How about the graphic display AU2 Mobile?

All character displays are designed with look Japanime. The characters look so cute, while the female characters look elegant. Watching them dance on the screen is like watching the idol Beautiful KPop singing while dancing in real life.

This game is developed by Uniugame and targets the ASEAN market as the main user. Each country has fanbase especially for lovers of manga games, especially with a variety of music and selected songs that you can use. All EDM-inspired songs are available, from KPop, JPop, to dance songs and classic discos. Suitable for the Asian market which was hit by a fever of similar genre games.

AU2 Mobile’s Attractive Features

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Then, what interesting features can you find on Facebook? AU2 Mobile? Some of the following features might attract your attention to: download AU2 Mobile in smartphones.

Realize the fantasy of love with him

Not just socializing and playing with friends, you can build a sweet social experience with your partner in this “world” of dance games. Yes, each character can have a partner, complete with sending love letters to each other to express their feelings.

You can realize the fantasy of love between your character and the opposite sex that you desire. You can fill Love Diary with various romantic stories that you want to always remember. To complete the features couple In this, there is also a feature of getting married and having a baby. That’s funny!

Complete music selection with the most game modes

Playing this game like having playlists dance music special. The beat of the music that sings is so tempting to make you jump onto the dance floor. However, it’s not just dance, there are other game modes that are ready to test your dexterity on the screen smartphones. One of the latest modes that can be tried is “Trail Mode”. Curious right?

True friends are Elf

Having an Elf is more than just a pet. You can interact with these adorable animals in various activities, including the dance arena. Later, Elf can evolve into the figure of “Little Devil” with a charm that is hard to forget. The players AU2 Mobile usually looking for animals they can ride.

Practice being an idol

One of the newest features in this version is “Idol Trainee”. Here, you can make idol groups with friends, practice dancing, make up appearances, to enter contests idols. All for the sake of achieving the dream of being the most shining star in the world of AU2!

Buy clothes and accessories at the mall

Cool clothes and beautiful accessories are an inseparable part of your character’s appearance. Even though at the beginning you can dress up your chosen character according to your taste, you can visit the “Mall” to shop for clothes and other accessories. The choices offered are also complete from head to toe. Excited to want to keep changing!

Virtual walks in “Tour World”

You can find two destinations in this feature, namely Japan and Hawaii. However, if you take advantage of the free access, only Japan can be enjoyed. In the tour, you are also given a mission to collect sakura coins. Plus, you can enjoy a fireworks display that makes you feel like you’re in real Japan.

How to Play AU2 Mobile

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As mentioned above, you will enter the game with one character. In order to level up continuously, you have to take him to complete a mission. Since it’s a dance game, the missions you have to complete are definitely not far from the dance floor, but with lots of different modes.

The game you enter depends on the rhythm and beat of the selected song. The screen will show circles consisting of the core and the outer part. Each circle moves to the rhythm. When the outer circle reaches the core, you must tap tap rapidly.

The circles will appear randomly at certain locations. You have to be alert when these signs appear so that you can respond quickly and accurately. However, be prepared to be stunned by the enchanting display of the characters who are fun to dance to the beat. The rest, depending on the game mode being played. Your score will be affected by the ratio between success tap or not. This is what will mark your victory in the game.

Now, AU2 Mobile has three game modes: solo, challenges, and multiplayer. You can still get the maximum experience when playing this game alone. What’s more, you can play your favorite songs all the time, guaranteed to make you feel more at home!

This game also supports combo movesthat is when orbs change color, you must tap objects simultaneously or in quick succession. The move can make the score increase quickly. You can also get extra power and get diamonds from each victory. Use this for in-game upgrades.

Even so, many users complained about the problem crash and disconnect while playing. Plus, no buttons pause so you can’t just stop in the middle of the game. As a consequence, you can lose the round of the game that is being played.

How to Top Up AU2 Mobile

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What if you run out of Diamonds in the middle of the game? Don’t worry, just go to UniPin, the best place top up AU2 Mobile. The method is simple.

  1. Open the website UniPin on page AU2 Mobile.
  2. Fill in the ID and select the desired nominal, ranging from 72 diamonds to 7,776 diamonds.
  3. Just before making a payment, select your favorite method, such as a credit card, e-wallet, bank transfers, and payments at convenience stores.
  4. Once the payment is complete, the diamond will enter your account automatically.

That’s a complete guide about AU2 Mobile, complete with interesting features, how to play, and an easy way to top up with UniPin. Come on, start playing now!

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