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Tezet's career as a player dims, but shines as an analyst Games

Tezet is a former Pro Player who has defended several teams, but his career has not been so bright. But as an analyst his career deserves to be reckoned with.

His career as a player is indeed quite long with various teams throughout MPL ID. He is recorded as having played with Start 8 Esports, Geek Fam ID and Aura.

However, he didn’t get any achievements as a pro player in his time. even he often gets insulted because of his game

He is currently in the prime of his career after successfully helping Aura Fire place third in MPL ID season 9.

As a player, he has never felt like appearing in the playoffs. But as an analyst, Tezet brought Aura Fire into an intimidating team in MPL ID season 9.

Previously, Tezet managed to help win the 2022 Esports President Cup. It was a matter of pride for him.

Tezet admits that his role as an analyst might be better for him than being a player.

“Maybe this has become my path. All of this is a clear example of where the finger is not in line with the brain,” said Tezet.

Being the third winner of MPL ID season 9 is the biggest success for Aura Fire and Tezet in participating in the biggest Mobile Legends competition in Indonesia.

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