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MDL Fail, Bigetron Beta Successfully Wins DGWIB MLBB S9 Champion! Games

After failing to win MDL ID S5 yesterday, the Bigetron Beta team managed to quench their thirst for the title at the DGWIB MLBB S9 Special Ramadhan competition held by Dunia Games on April 27, 2022. BTR Beta won first place after sweeping Yasbih Esports 3-0 in the final .

BTR Beta is Bigetron’s second Mobile Legends division which contains several new players and also old players from Bigetron Alpha. At the event, Beta joined a roster of five, namely Kennn, Thall, Ngazzz, Barbossa and Simbaaaa.

The new young player from the Beta division, Kenneth “Kenn” Marcello, won his maiden title on his debut with his Jungler Assassin role in the playoffs. Kenn appeared aggressive and supported the team’s performance in the DGWIB MLBB S9 Special Ramadhan. As for the roamer, BTR Barbossa, has perfectly supported the gameplay of the team as a whole to dominate every teamfight. Meanwhile, as a Mid Laner, Thall ended up playing well using his Valentina and Lylia during the finale.

Bigetron Beta’s victory became his first MLBB trophy at the beginning of the 2022 season after failing MDL ID S5 and MPL ID S9 yesterday. However, the performance of the Beta Bigetron team has shown its potential to compete in the upcoming tournament. What do you think?

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