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Moskov Abyss Skin Leaks, what is the price? Games

Mobile Legends developer Moonton chose the Moskov hero who will get the Abyss skin, after Selena and Alpha.

The leaked Abyss Moskov skin was uploaded to the Instagram account @dafrixkun on Wednesday (27/4/2022). In its description, this skin tells of Moscow who wants to take revenge on its commander.

Moskov, a former elite soldier of the empire, fights against the invading Khastan forces. At that moment, Moskov realized that his regime was only seen as bait.

Many casualties fell and the indifference of the commanders angered Moskov. He also joined the Abyssal Army for revenge.

However, it is not yet known when Moonton will release this skin. For the price, this skin is likely to be sold for Rp. 2 million with the gatch system.

So for you Moscow players, just wait for the release of this skin.

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