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RRQ Hoshi's Comeback to EVOS Legends, Skylar Reveals His Secret Games

Jungler RRQ Hoshi, Skylar, explained why his team won a comeback win against EVOS Legends on Friday (22 April) with a final score of 3-2 in the Upper Bracket lag of MPL ID season 9 play-off, Friday (22/4)

The El Clasico duel a la MPL Indonesia between RRQ and EVOS Legends will be the second match of the day and it will be fierce, because it has played five full games.

RRQ looked impressive in that match. Behind 0-2 in the first two games, the King of Kings made a comeback and won 3 games in a row.

The 3-2 win against EVOS was also a smooth start for RRQ Hoshi, because this was their first match in the MPL ID season 9 playoffs.

“Maybe this is my first time playing the playoffs, right? So maybe we can try games one and two. Keep playing games three and four, the kids are just excited,” said the 20-year-old jungler

Still on the same occasion, Skylar unlocked RRQ to be able to rise from the third game until finally winning a comeback by winning the last three games, winning in the last three games. He explained that the enthusiasm given by the coaching staff was able to make the RRQ roster burn with enthusiasm.

“Perhaps the enthusiasm from Acil and coach Fiel makes us more awake,” continued the Manado-born jungler.

Thanks to this result, RRQ Hoshi has the right to qualify for the final round of the Upper Bracket play-off MPL ID season 9, to challenge ONIC Esports on Saturday (23 April). Meanwhile, the defeated EVOS legends had to jump into the Lower Bracket and host Aura Fire.

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