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The following is the complete schedule for the MPL ID S9 Playoff Day 3 (23 April) Games

Complete schedule for the Mobile Legends Playoff MPL ID S9 match Day 3 (23 April). Today’s match will show who can advance to the Grand Finals, and who can advance to the Lower Bracket Finals.

Fierce, that’s the word that can describe what the MPL ID season 9 playoffs are like. Several matches with the BO5 (Best of 5) format were really put to good use by the two competing teams.

They don’t seem to want to lose their last chance to survive in this MPL ID S9. For those who didn’t have time yesterday or just watched the MPL ID S9 Playoff Day 2, here’s a review of yesterday’s match (22 April 2022).

MPL ID S9 Playoff Recap Day 2

The inaugural MPL ID S9 Day 2 Playoff match brought Onic Esports to finally find its first opponent, Aura Fire.

Onic Esports seems to be in good shape. The BO5 (Best of 5) format was not really utilized optimally by both teams.

The team with the hedgehog symbol, Onic Esports, managed to beat Aura Fire with a score of 3-1.

After the match, MPL ID S9 fans again enjoyed El Clasico between RRQ Hoshi and Evos Legends. The scenario that was previously predicted before the playoffs took place finally came true.

Like against Alter Ego, Evos Legends was able to save two winning points. Their game in the first two games was so good that RRQ Hoshi’s defense was unstoppable.

Only one win is needed for Evos Legends to secure the Upper Bracket Final slot.

Unfortunately, the next game is the exact opposite. Evos Legends’ move towards the Upper Bracket Final was thwarted by RRQ Hoshi who in the next match managed to make EVOS Legends pensive.

During the next three games, RRQ Hoshi managed to comeback to restore the situation and at the same time beat Evos Legends down to lower.

The final result shows that RRQ Hoshi won over Evos Legends with a score of 3-2.

Here’s the latest update for the MPL ID S9 Playoff bracket.

How about today’s MPL ID S9 Playoff schedule? Read more below.

MPL ID S9 Playoff Schedule 3rd day (23 April)

  • Aura Fire vs. Evos Legends – 14:00 WIB (BO5)
  • Onic Esports vs. RRQ Hoshi – 18:30 WIB (BO5)

The current MPL ID S9 Playoff Match will determine who will be eliminated today? Evos Legends Aura?

Meanwhile, there is also an exciting royal derby match between RRQ Hoshi and Onic Esports in the Upper Bracket final which will also be exciting.

Is your hero Mobile Legends team still surviving in this MPL ID S9 playoff round? Don’t forget to watch the MPL ID Playoffs live stream on Facebook and YouTube via the official Mobile Legends channel: Bang Bang Indonesia

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