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Confidence with Fanny, ONIC Mars Can Bring His Team to Win Over Aura. Games

Successfully won by ONIC Esports in the MPL ID S9 Playoff match after defeating Aura Fire with a score of 3-1

Using the Best of 5 (BO5) system, ONIC Esports was left behind by Aura Fire after Fanny from Kabuki went crazy and left the yellow hedgehog team 1:0 behind.

Fortunately, ONIC Esports managed to get back up and change the situation in the next three games and secure a win and get a place in the final upper bracket.

In the MPL ID Media Interview session after the ONIC match, Marz as the coach of ONIC Esports admitted that releasing Fanny for Kabuki in the first game was a big mistake.

He didn’t think Kabuki Fanny was still so terrible. In fact, Aura Fire has never won in the last two games when Kabuki used Fanny.

“We are quite greedy (releasing Fanny for Kabuki), we don’t think Fanny is quite troublesome. Our plan to take Fanny’s counter can also be said to have failed,” said Marz.

No “Reverse Psychology” for Aura Fire When ONIC Esports Uses Fanny

The situation turned around when it was Aura Fire’s turn to take Fanny for Sanz from ONIC Esports for two games. As a result, ONIC Esports defeated Aura Fire and won the fourth game.

Caster dan Analyst KB said ONIC Esports is playing ‘Reverse Psychology’ by showing that Fanny Sanz is better than Fanny Kabuki, and also performing ‘Reverse Gameplay’ for both teams.

However, ONIC Marz refused to say that his team did Reverse Psychology. However, he believes that Sanz can change things with his Fanny.

“We don’t have any intention for Reverse Psychology (as KB said), we are just confident about taking Fanny in the second game. We also suspected that they (Aura Fire) would prioritize Xavier, not Fanny,” he said.

ONIC Esports will advance to the Upper Bracket final and wait for the winner between RRQ Hoshi vs EVOS Legends. Can Butss et al advance to the grand final for two consecutive seasons?

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