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Prediction Results About Accurate MPL S9 Final Score, KB Explains How Games

The Grand Final of MPL season 9 reunited the Royal Derby duel between RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports. This match is like the final replay in MPL S8 which was won by ONIC Esports.

However, this time it was RRQ’s turn to beat Sanz cs with a score of 4-1. Although both are seeded as favorite champions, no one can predict the final result of MPL until RRQ ensures that the fifth game is theirs. However, this one figure was able to predict exactly who the Grand Final winner would be and the final score was 4-1.

He is KB, MPL’s main caster and analyst. In his YouTube content, he predicts RRQ Hoshi will win over ONIC Esports with a score of 4-1. Of course, this makes the public curious how KB managed to predict the outcome accurately. In interviews with the media, he also explains how to make accurate predictions.

“It’s simple, on week-7 or week-8, we’ve seen the pattern for the minimum game duration of 20 to 30 minutes. Well, usually in the lower bracket, you will be tired first, let alone playing five games – five games. From there, of course, the team from the upper bracket will benefit because they can see the potential opponent’s game and have better stamina,” he said.

KB also believes that the prestige and motivation of the lower bracket team is very likely to produce long games up to bo5. From here, Upper Bracket teams like RRQ have more time to analyze strategies and prepare to beat opponents in the lower bracket.

The rest, KB still feels that RRQ is the strongest team this season. After hearing KB’s statement, the RRQ Hoshi team next to KB hopes that analysts will again predict RRQ Hoshi in season 10, because it has proven to be effective.

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