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Here's Skylar's Response About Karina From Albert! Games

Albert the jungler mainstay of RRQ Hoshi, who is known for his amazing skills in using hero assassins such as Ling and Lancelot.

The hand speed of this young man from Bali is unquestionable, so he has always been the most feared jungler in the MLBB pro scene.

Looking at the hero pool that Albert has for MPL ID S9, it seems that Albert rarely uses his flagship hero, especially Ling, because his opponents are often banned.

However, Albert certainly dares to test rising heroes, and is often used as a jungler, even though he is not a hero that he is too good at.

Heroes like Baxia and Karina are also two of Albert’s heroes to use to defend RRQ Hoshi in the MPL ID season 9 event.

How did Albert’s teammates react, when their favorite jungler hero used heroes outside his comfort zone?

Through the media interview MPL ID season 9, we had the opportunity to interview Skylar, the main highlight of RRQ Hoshi.

In this interview, we ask Skylar what he thought when Albert decided to use Karina.

According to Skylar, Albert never used Karina while doing scrim, which initially made him wonder why Albert chose that hero.

However, Albert convinces Skylar that he is confident in using Karina, and Skylar also believes in Albert’s abilities.

“We ourselves have never been scrim with Karina, but he said he was confident using Karina, so he just picked it up and I’m confident too,” explained Skylar.

The selection of heroes does not seem to be an obstacle for Albert, considering the micro-macro abilities of the king’s flagship jungler.

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