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Pragmata, the Latest Next-Gen Game from Capcom to be Released in 2022!

Capcom announced its newest next-gen game called Pragmata.

Now we all know that Capcom is developing its eighth resident evil series, Village. However, this did not stop them from developing other projects. Well, Capcom recently announced a new game called Pragmata.

This was confirmed by Capcom through the PlayStation: Future of Gaming event through a trailer of approximately 2 minutes showing their latest next-gen game, Pragmata. But unfortunately, there is no further explanation about what kind of theme will be carried later.

If we take a look at the trailer shown above, we see a dead city and the main character, like an astronaut trying to save a little girl, which makes us wonder and wonder, being able to breathe on the moon without any protective equipment at all.

Also, this game is not exclusive to consoles. because Pragmata will be released on various platforms. Capcom itself announced that this latest next-gen game will be released in 2022 for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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