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Icarus, A New Survival Game Created by the Creators of DayZ


Dean Hall as the creator of DayZ appeared at the PC Gaming Show last Saturday to announce their next project, the project is a new survival game called Icarus.

The game is set in a strange alien planet, and requires players to survive in this uncomfortable and atmosphereless environment. Unlike other survival games, Dean Hall said this game will make you get a new survival game experience than other survival games.

In addition to announcing their new project, Dean Hall also announced that their project this time will use a new studio called RockertWertz.

Icarus itself is a game with a multiplayer co-op genre combined with a little survival in it. In this game, you are required to survive by looking for some important natural resources, for example, cutting down trees. This game has a time limit where you cannot survive forever on the planet, if the time limit is up you will restart the game again.

Icarus will come as a free-to-play game. So far Hall, who heads New Zealand-based studio Rocketwerkz, has only said that Icarus will be out in mid-2022.

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