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PES (eFootball) Mobile 2022 Mainstay Player Pack, Want to Buy?

There are many ways to increase the strength of the soccer team in the game PES (eFootball) Mobile. One of them is by recruiting star players to strengthen our team. But sometimes it’s not easy to get the target players in the PES Mobile game. The luck factor is also very influential.

However, there is a practical solution for those who want to buy star players in the PES Mobile game. In addition to making purchases using PES coins, we can also buy player packs in the PES game. Especially for PES Mobile 2022, there are 3 player packs that you can buy. Here’s the full review.

Player Pack PES (eFootball) Mobile 2022

There are three player packs available in the PES Mobile 2022 game. The three player packs include:

  • “High Flying” Ronaldo Pack,
  • The Kiss“Messi Pack,
  • and “Step and Fire” Rashford Pack.

In the package, it contains many items that you can get. In addition to getting players like Ronaldo, Messi, and Rashford, you can also get various additional items, such as: myClub Coins (PES coins), Special Agentand the original theme for the PES Mobile game.

To buy the player pack, PES Mobile players need to spend 259 thousand Rupiah. So, is this interesting and necessary? Let’s discuss.

Benefits of Buying PES Mobile Player Pack

This is the advantage you will get if you buy a player pack.

  • Can get the players you idolize. In this case, you can get players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, or Rashford. For fans of these players, of course this player pack is interesting to buy. Not only that, you will also get the player in the form of a iconic moment. So it’s even more special.
  • Can get 1600 PES coins. Later, you can use the 1600 coins to purchase targeted players in PES Mobile.
  • Can get a special menu theme for idol players in the PES game.
  • Will get special agent as much as 2 pieces. Can also be used to recruit targeted players in PES Mobile.

In short, for fans of Rashford, Ronaldo, or Messi, this player pack is worth buying. Not only that, for those of you who are new to playing PES games, this can be a good starter pack and is recommended.
contents of player pack

Items and Bonuses Obtained

As already mentioned, by purchasing this player pack players will get:

  • Iconic moment for Ronaldo, Messi, or Rashford (depending on the player pack purchased).
  • Get 1600 PES Mobile coins.
  • Getting 2 special agent to recruit players.
  • Get the original menu theme according to the selected player.

Unfortunately, this pack can only be purchased once by players with one account. So you can’t buy it multiple times. You can make the star player (Ronaldo, Messi, or Rashford) a mainstay attacker on the team you use. This is a great foundation for building a strong soccer team in PES Mobile.

Easy Ways to Buy PES Mobile Player Pack

To buy the PES Mobile player pack, it’s easy. Similar to when we buy PES coins/top up PES Mobile. What is certain is that we need to use the payment method according to the PES version that we are using. For example, if you play the PES game on Android, then you can buy and pay using the payment method on the Play Store.

One of them you can use a Google Play voucher. You can buy Google Play vouchers on UniPin, then you exchange the voucher for your Google Play balance. Now, you can use this balance to purchase PES Mobile player packs.
Google Play vouchers

Meanwhile, if you are an iOS user, then you can also top up your Apple ID balance using the iTunes Gift Card/Apple Gift Card. Later you can use this balance to buy a player pack on PES Mobile. To buy an iTunes Gift Card, you can also use UniPin.

How, interested in buying it? Let’s immediately get your target player by buying the mainstay player pack in PES Mobile 2022.

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