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7 Best Advantages of Playing Mobile Games For Gamers

Playing games is an activity that is fun and provides many benefits. Currently, gamers are free to choose various gaming platforms that they can use. There are many games available. Starting from console games, PC games, to of course mobile games. So, from the many choices, which one is the best?

Of course, every gamer has different wants and needs. One type of game that is very popular and played by many people is a mobile game. What are the advantages of playing mobile games for gamers? This is a row of benefits and advantages that you get if you play mobile games. For example, popular games like Free Fire, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, or various other mobile games

1. Can Be Played For Free

The first advantage of mobile games is that many of these games are available for free. So you don’t have to spend money to be able to play the game. Popular games such as Free Fire, Mobile Legends, PES Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and others you can download and play for free. So anyone can actually play this mobile game. To download mobile games, we can use platforms such as the Google Play Store or the App Store.

2. Light Size/Small Enough

Another advantage of playing mobile games is that they are light in size or at least quite small. Although sometimes there are mobile games that need up to several GB of storage space, this is relatively small when we compare it to PC games. In PC games, for just one game sometimes it takes up to a dozen or even tens of GB of storage. Of course this is an advantage for mobile gamers. Because even with mobile phones with minimal specifications, we can still play mobile games.

In terms of money, mobile games can also be played cheaper. This is because we do not have to have a device with high specifications, such as a PC. Even with an Android phone, we can enjoy many mobile games easily.

3. Many Options Available

Another advantage of playing mobile games is the myriad of options. On the Google Play Store or on the App Store, there are already lots of games that are ready to be downloaded and played. The games consist of various categories. You can choose everything according to your taste and desire. Some examples of mobile game categories include: adventure games, sports games, educational games, word games, strategy games, and many more. Thus, gamers are free to choose the game they like.
mobile games category

4. Easy to Download and Play

Still related to the second advantage, because of its small size, mobile games are easy to download. With a mediocre internet connection, you can still download mobile games practically. Of course this is different from PC games that are tens of GB in size, which certainly take a long time to download. If you want to play games easily and practically, then mobile games are the right choice.

In addition, because the size is quite small, mobile games are easy to play. Anyone as long as they have WL android/iOS can play this game easily.

5. Can be played with friends easily

Due to the large number of players, playing mobile games is fun. Because you can play directly with friends. Friends and you can play practically, the term mabar (playing together). Some popular games such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, are a series of games that are busy being played with friends.

6. Affordable Price

There are also free and paid mobile games. Some mobile games do require us to pay. Call it like the game GTA San Andreas, Minecraft, and others. We can buy the games before we download them. Even though you have to spend money, the price of mobile games is relatively more affordable/cheaper than games on PC or PC console.

Take for example the game GTA San Andreas. You can buy this game on the Play Store for only 81 thousand Rupiah. Of course this is much cheaper than PC games whose prices can be above 300 or 400 thousand Rupiah. So if you want to play games with a more limited budget, mobile games are the right choice for you. To purchase games on the Play Store, you can use Google Play vouchers. Meanwhile, to buy games on the App Store, you can use iTunes Gift Cards/Apple Gift Card.
buy mobile games

7. Has a myriad of benefits

In addition to these advantages, mobile games also have a myriad of benefits. There are many positive benefits that can be obtained when playing games. Examples of these positive benefits include: helping you to communicate and play in a team, improving strategy-building skills, improving multitasking abilities, and many other benefits.

Even if mobile games are practiced in a disciplined and serious manner, you can work through these games. Starting from being a gaming content creator to becoming a professional esports player. How, are you interested?

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