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7 Effective Ways to Play Hay Day to Level Up Fast

When playing the game Hay Day, of course we want to quickly level up. Because when we successfully level up on Hay Day, we will get rewards in the form of diamonds, items, and also access to new items. Of course, all Hay Day players want to quickly level up.

So, what are the strategies and ways to quickly level up in the Hay Day game? Here are 7 strategies, tips, and methods that you can use. But please note that the level increase will be achieved if we reach a certain number of points (XP) in the game. To be able to level up, then we must continue to increase XP (experience points) we.

1. Multiply Planting and Harvesting Crops

One surefire strategy to increase XP points is to plant and harvest lots of crops. This is fairly easy. Because our job is only to plant crops on the farm, then harvest the plants. Of course this is much easier to slam into making certain items (such as baking cakes, making food, making clothes, and other items in the game Hay Day).

Moreover, you can plant and harvest crops that are quickly harvested. Like for example wheat, carrots, and others. You can harvest these plants immediately and will quickly increase XP in the Hay Day game.

2. Complete Truck Orders Quickly

Another reliable source of XP points is orders, including truck orders in the Hay Day game. You can monitor the order list via the blackboard near your farmhouse. If possible, complete the truck order quickly. This method is effective because it will produce a fairly large XP. However, it will take time to prepare the items if you don’t have them in stock.
selling on Hay Day

3. Take advantage of Truck, Ship, and Other Events

Well, this is the most accurate and reliable strategy. Periodically, the game Hay Day will hold a special event. In this special event, you can get double XP for each completed order. For example, when there is a special event for the ship, then you can prioritize and complete orders on the ship. If there is a special event for a truck order, then complete the order. Maximize this method so that your XP can grow much faster.

4. Rely on Fast Harvested Crops

In connection with the first method, you can rely on plants that are quickly harvested. With a shorter waiting time, you can plant and harvest faster. Of course this is suitable to rely on if you have a lot of time to regularly play Hay Day. So don’t forget to maximize it.

5. Serving Farm Visitors

Another source of XP points you can also rely on is purchases from visitors to your farmhouse. Especially when there is a special event. When there is a special event for purchases from visitors, you can get additional XP. So you can take advantage of the moment.

However this is not a priority, especially when there are no events. Because the coins produced are also not too much compared to us selling goods directly at roadside shops on Hay Day.

6. Complete Visitor Orders in the City

If you have reached level 34 in the game Hay Day, you will get access to build a city in the game Hay Day. Hay Day Town is an excellent source of XP. Because when the level and capacity of your city gets bigger, it will be able to accommodate far more visitors.

Each completed visitor order will earn you XP. Imagine when in a day you can complete orders for tens to hundreds of visitors. Of course the XP generated will be extraordinary and help you achieve a level increase quickly in the Hay Day game. For that, make sure you also increase the capacity of city visitors by doing upgrade on buildings and facilities in your city.
city ​​features in Hay Day

7. Use and Maximize Diamond Hay Day

It is undeniable, the diamond factor will also greatly help increase levels in the Hay Day game. With diamonds, you can buy items that support your game. Starting from giving goods to upgrade, speed up the process of producing goods, and others. So don’t hesitate to maximize the diamonds you have in the Hay Day game.

If you lack diamonds, you can buy/top up the Hay Day game using a Google Play voucher or an iTunes Gift Card (Apple Gift Card) on UniPin. You can rely on UniPin for an easy solution to top up online games.

The last and also very important is to take advantage of the card booster in the game Hay Day. You can get this card randomly (random). When you have a card booster, you can get additional support. Starting from being able to produce goods faster, getting more XP bonuses for orders, and various other benefits.

In addition, also increase your playing time in the game. Naturally, it will increase the XP you have. Good luck and good luck leveling up in the game Hay Day.

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