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Peel off Notora Free Fire, the Tomboy with Cool Healing Skills

In order to satisfy the userAccordingly, Garena always presents new characters with various backgrounds and unique skills. One of which is Notora Free Fire. The character that was introduced in December 2022 is support which is widely liked because of his ability to increase HP for himself and his team members.

Unlike most female characters in Free Fire who are beautiful and sexy, Notora comes with a distinctive and tomboyish style. He is a member of a motorcycle gang who is not only fierce on the streets but also agile in fighting.

Born from a family biker gang, Notora Free Fire This 27 year old doesn’t really like killing. Unfortunately, the fight between his gang and the enemy killed all of his team members and Notora was caught. Because of his ability on the battlefield, Notora was then sent to Free Fire Island.

Before using this character to play, you should first read the information about Notora Free Fire or who is familiarly called Angela below!

Notora Free Fire Skills

notora free fire character

With his healing abilities, Notora is often compared to DJ Alok. Even though it was designed as a character support, skills which is quite promising. Please note that in order to activate skillsAccordingly, Notora had to get on top of the vehicle. The duration of healing that can be given by Notora is 200 seconds with 5 HP every 4.5 seconds. For more, see Notora Free Fire abilities in the review quoted from the following Garena site!

  • Level 1. While riding a motorbike, he can restore the HP of all members on the vehicle by 5 HP every 4.5 seconds
  • Level 2. While driving a vehicle, all existing members will be restored 5 HP every 4 seconds
  • Level 3. On a vehicle, Notora is able to give 5 HP every 3.5 seconds
  • Level 4. On the vehicle, Notora restores HP for herself and all team members by 5 HP every 3 seconds
  • Level 5. Summon airdrop playcard
  • Level 6. While driving his vehicle, Notora can restore 5 HP every 2.5 seconds
  • Level 7. Notora’s banners
  • Level 8. While driving, he is able to restore 5 HP of all team members every 2 seconds.

Keep in mind that all effects from level 1 to level 8 are healing no stack/stacked.

As supportNotora is very suitable to be played for fashion squad. However, you shouldn’t rely on it for solo combat. When playing in a team, using Notora allows you to give healing to all players on the team (usually a maximum of 4 players in each vehicle).

The Sickest Free Fire Notora Combo

notora free fire skills

Notora Free Fire skill is known as Race’s Blessing. To be able to maximize it, you should use combos or combine them with other characters. Some of the sickest combos that match Notora’s partner include:

  • DJ Alok. DJ Alok can not only provide extra movement speed with skillsits for you and the rest of the team, but also increases the HP of your character
  • Misha at first glance has similarities with Notora which is both relying on vehicle. Misha has a skill that can increase speed vehicle which he uses. It would certainly be perfect when combined with healing skills notora. On a fast-moving vehicle, your HP will continue to rise
  • As we know, A124 is a half-robot character who can turn EP into HP. The A124 can also transform into a vehicle that Notora can ride. The combination of the two is guaranteed to make your game booyah.

Tips for Playing Notora Free Fire

notora free fire ability

To be able to get the Notora character, you can buy it for 50 Diamonds at the shop. If you want, you can also have a bundle of motorbikes that Notora can ride during battles for 2,500 Diamonds. In addition to buying, Notora can also be obtained at a low price or even free. The trick is to follow the mission events or spin luck royale.

After getting Notora, there are some tips regarding how to play this character, including:

  • Make sure you have a vehicle. Although healing skills it was very promising, but Notora could only use it on a vehicle. Therefore, before entering the game, make sure you have a vehicle. For people who are new to Free Fire or are not used to playing Notora, this can be difficult
  • tough as drivers. Her role as support very promising. It’s all thanks healing skills On a vehicle, he is not only reliable as a drivers but also tough to be brought to fight outside play zone
  • Choose vehicle load of 4 passengers. Free Fire provides various types of vehicles with different capacities. So that skillsthe maximum, you should choose a vehicle that contains 4 players (you can) monster truck or jeep)
  • Keep chasing the zone. Even though it is tough to use outside the play zone, you still have to enter the zone. You also don’t have to worry about getting late into the zone because of the effect Race’s Blessing what you have will restore your HP and your team members quickly
  • Choose the right combo. As previously mentioned, Notora can be paired with several other characters. If you do a combo with Misha, skills Afterburner his will increase the movement speed of the vehicle you are using. You can also choose Kapella as a combo because this character has skills Healing Song which can increase Notora’s healing effect by 10% at the highest level.

That’s complete information about Notora Free Fire following with list skills and the sickest combo it has. Ready to booyah by using skills the best of the tomboy members of this motorcycle gang?

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