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Getting to know Alvaro Free Fire, the Explosive

Along with the increasing number of users, Garena always tries to present new characters in Free Fire. One of which is Alvaro Free Fire. This character, which was launched in 2022, has various advantages and disadvantages that can be exploited user to get stuck in the game.

Before deciding to use this character, first read the complete information about Alvaro Free Fire character and Alvaro Free Fire skills the following!

Who is Alvaro Free Fire?

alvaro free fire skills

Reporting from the official Garena website, Alvaro is a 26-year-old young man born to a military family. He was drafted into the military when he was 14 years old. All this thanks to his ability to blow things up. Behind his house, Alvaro often makes his own explosives and detonates them behind trees. Because of this, people often think Alvaro is crazy and unreliable.

As a wild destroyer, Alvaro is a character who has skills passive is called the Art of Demolition or the Art of Destruction. This ability can raise damage of explosive type weapons as much as 6%. On skills Initial level, Alvaro can increase attack range by 7%. Need to know that Alvaro Free Fire skills will only activate when he uses an explosive type weapon.

Alvaro’s abilities in the field of explosive materials and weapons make him suitable for attack mode. Added explosion effect and the area affected by the explosion from skills Alvaro will knock the enemy out. Unfortunately, the weapons that can be used by Alvaro are very limited.

To be able to play Alvaro at once with the bundle, you can spin using character royale. The fee charged for one spin is 50 Diamond. Besides Alvaro, you can also get various other characters including Moco, Rafael, A124 to Wukong and character royale.

If you can’t get Alvaro from character royaleyou can buy it at shop at a price of 50 Diamonds per box. If you want to have it at once with the bundle, Alvaro is valued at 2,500 Diamonds.

Skills Alvaro By Level

alvaro free fire character

Just like other Free Fire characters, Alvaro also has skills different in each level. Skills These include:

  • Level 1. Able to upgrade damage from explosion-type weapons by 6% while increasing attack range by 7%
  • Level 2. Boost damage explosive weapons by 8% and increases attack range to 7.5%
  • Level 3. Boost damage explosive type weapons by 10% and increases attack range by 8%
  • Level 4. Boost damage explosive weapons as much as 12% and attack distance as much as 8.5%
  • Level 5. Summon airdrop playcard
  • Level 6. Raise damage explosive weapons by 14% and increases attack range by 9%
  • Level 7. Alvaro’s Banner
  • Level 8. Raise damage from explosive weapons and increases attack range by 10%.

Tips to kill opponents with Alvaro’s character

alvaro free fire

With various skills he has, playing Alvaro tends to be a little tricky. Therefore, you need to learn how to control it so that your game can be bogged down. Check out some of the tips and tricks below!

  • Look for explosive weapons. Alvaro without explosive weapons would certainly not produce damage the maximum. Therefore, at the beginning of the game, make sure you immediately find an explosive type weapon to support Alvaro’s character
  • Use Alvaro for attack mode. If you are the type of player who likes to defend, Alvaro is not for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to move forward, Alvaro is the best option
  • Aim for enemies in the house. The advantage of using Alvaro is when the enemy you are aiming for is in the house. Just throw bombs or grenades through the window and kill them. If possible, look for a type of weapon launcher so that damageit’s getting worse
  • Be careful when playing in mode squad. If you are playing with a team, make sure you shoot carefully so as not to affect the members squad you yourself.

Alvaro basically has a playing style that tends to be flexible. You can attack with barbarians using various explosive weapons. However, if you want to relax a little, there’s nothing wrong camping while waiting for the enemy to arrive.

Alvaro Free Fire’s Best Combo to Make the Game Hotter

alvaro free fire abilities

Apart from using skills Alvaro himself, combining him with other characters and creating combos is another way to finish off the enemy. There are several choices of characters that you can make friends in battle so that the attack runs optimally:

  • DJ Alok. As one of the characters support best of all, DJ Alok can be the best partner for Alvaro by making him even scarier than before
  • Hayato is a character who has skills i.e. raise damage armor penetration when HP drops drastically. Blend skills these two characters would be a sick combination. With skills Hayato, damage when blood decreases 10% will be added
  • Together with Maxim, Alvaro can minimize the use of med kits and mushrooms
  • This half-robot character can also be an interesting combo for Alvaro with his ability to convert EP into HP
  • Kelly is known to have the ability movement speed the good one. Together with Kelly, Alvaro will not only be a formidable figure but also able to attack quickly
  • Unlike Alvaro who is suitable for attack mode, Steffie is a good character in defense mode matches. While Alvaro completely attacks the enemy, Steffie can provide a good defense for this character.

If you play in position support or flanker, you can combine Alvaro with Joseph, Moco or Paloma. These characters will help Alvaro to be more skilled on the battlefield.

That’s a review of Alvaro Free Fire complete with skills, combos and tips. Are you ready to booyah with Alvaro?

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