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Get to know Wolfrahh Free Fire, the Video Game Streamer and Tips for Playing It

As one of the games battle royale With a high number of fans, Free Fire has never disappointed its fans. One of them is by presenting new characters on a regular basis. This time we will discuss about Wolfrah Free Fire. Who is this figure and what is it? skills does it have?

Shown in a yellow T-shirt and colorful hair, Wolfrah Free Fire immediately caught the attention of Garena fans. Told to work as video game streamerthis one character also has various advantages with skillsskills which he has. One of his most popular abilities is reducing damage from headshot up to 25% and increase damage enemies up to 15%.

Before you decide to use it in a match, it’s a good idea to read the reviews first Wolfrah Free Fire Character complete with the following abilities!

wolfrahh free fire character

Wolfrahh Free Fire, Video Game Streamer with Skills turn off

Described as a 19-year-old boy who loves to play video games, Wolfrahh is actually a bright kid. However, instead of studying, he instead spends his time playing games and surfing the internet. He later became famous for doing game streaming which he played.

Wolfrahh Profile

At first glance, Wolfrahh’s character is very similar to most young people in the real world. He really likes playing games while occasionally updating on social media. His humorous attitude makes Wolfrahh liked by subscribers both men and women.

Over time, he began to look for activities that were more useful than just playing games. With his expertise in technology and the internet, he then studied hacking from Moco. This young man whose real name was Leif then joined the group hacker secret to destroying corruption and upholding human rights.

How to Get Wolfrahh?

For those of you who want to take advantage of Wolfrah Free Fire abilities to compete, you can get Wolfrahh for free by doing top up first game as much as 70 Diamonds. If you are interested in owning the bundle that Wolfrahh wears, you can buy it for 2,500 Diamonds. If you want to get it at a cheaper price or for free, please do the mission events or spin in luck royale.

Skills Wolfrahh Free Fire Characters

wolfrahh free fire ability

Wolfrah Free Fire skills known as Limelight whose level depends on the number of viewers. Damage on headshot can be reduced by 25% temporarily damage given to the enemy can be increased.

Skills Level 1: Each additional viewer will lower damage because headshot as much as 3-25%. Temporary damage enemy will increase 3-15%

Skills Level 2: Each additional viewer decreases damage headshot between 3.5-25%. Temporary damage on enemies increases by 3.5-15%.

Skills Level 3: Additional viewers will reduce damage headshot as much as 4-25% and increase damage enemies 4-15%.

Skills Level 4: Additional viewers lower damage headshot 4.5-25% and increase damage on enemies 4.5-15%.

Skills Level 5: Each additional viewer lowers damage headshot between 4.5-25% and increase damage versus 4.5-20%.

Skills Level 6: Additional each viewer lowers damage because headshot as much as 5-25% and increase damage against 5-20%.

Due to various skills he has, Wolfrahh is very suitable for use by Free Fire players who are still beginners. With an additional 20% damage only, you can cause damage overwhelming to the opponent without trying to do headshot. Unfortunately, Wolfrahh’s ability reduces damage this can still be overcome by the enemy by targeting other members of Wolfrahh’s body. Therefore, you still have to play full of vigilance.

Tips for Playing Wolfrahh Free Fire Characters

wolfrahh free fire skill

Every character in Free Fire has skills and personality different. By recognizing both, you can use the best tricks to win the battle. There are some great tips for those of you who want to use Wolfrahh, including:

1. No Need Headshot

If you fight using Wolfrahh and it’s hard to headshot, no need to worry. When you injure an enemy with this character, damageis quite high. Including if you shoot to the lower body. Damage that the enemy will receive is almost the same as headshot.

2. Use Helmet and Protective Vest

At its highest level, Wolfrahh can reduce up to 25% of damage which he received. When combined with a level 3 helmet, Wolfrahh will not die even if shot by AWM. This will be a profitable opportunity for you.

But you can face an opponent who already understands the ins and outs of Wolfrahh. They can use another trick that is to attack the limbs instead of the head. As protection, make sure you equip Wolfraah with a level 2 or level 3 vest or vest.

3. Arm yourself with an AK or AN94

Past skills The limelight he has, Wolfrahh can give damage on enemies up to 20% at the highest level. Because there’s no need to do headshot to give damage maximum, you can overthrow the enemy by using AK or AN94 weapons. Both have damage and recoil tall one. In addition to these two weapons, you can also rely on SMGs (eg P90 and MP40). Both are very capable of being brought in close combat.

4. Make Combinations Skills right

Characters can be used efficiently if you know combos skills-his. The same goes for Wolfrahh. You should be able to find a mix skills best for damage maximum output.

5. Maximize Skills which he owns

Even though it’s called having skills deadly, but if user not good at using it, then the results will be in vain. Not only able to give damage which is great on the enemy, Wolfrahh is also able to reduce damage which he received. The combination of these two strengths can make it easier for you when playing it. However, because many say skills this is too overpowerthere may be changes at Garena’s discretion.

That’s a full review of Wolfrah Free Fire. Need to know that skills possessed by this character may change along with updates done by Garena.

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