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Past Throwback, Marsha Surprised Her META Franco Hero In MPL S9 Grand Final Games

The MPL Season 9 Final match between ONIC and RRQ Hoshi ended with a 4-1 win. RRQ Hoshi won his fourth MPL title and also earned a spot for the 2022 MSC next June.

The match attracted a lot of attention, including well-known eSports figures such as Marsha and Papiler. Before the final round started, this former EVOS and RRQ player supported Alberttt cs to become champions and explained that he was a former player on the team. The most surprising thing in this season was when Franco’s revival became meta. Vyn has several times proven his consistency in hunting with this hero.

“The most surprising moment when I watched MPL S9 was a throwback to my past. Vyn Franco is crazy, even though he’s been really nerfed but he’s still really good. Finally a meta hero who said I used it to troll, but in MPL meta!” Marsha said

Marsha supported RRQ Hoshi to win the final and her wish came true. The reason she didn’t vote for ONIC was because she was “disgusted” because the team often beat Marsha in the finals, especially when Masha was still actively competing and playing at the Louvre.

Another thing that has been in the spotlight this season is the number of comebacks that have occurred in the playoffs. It turned out that the motivation and spirit of the teams in the playoffs looked extraordinary. It is undeniable that the mental pressure on the stage in the playoffs is very heavy, but the players and teams can show the best gameplay and certainly impressive entertainment.

“My perception is that they are very enthusiastic, but the player’s stamina must be maintained, right? It means playing for a long time must be tired, tired, not to mention tense, nervous. But that spirit can beat the cape until it finally makes a comeback,”

Apart from Franco Marsha, Dwiwoii is also quite happy because Fanny is a meta hero in MPL season 9. Even though she has already subscribed to a ban, according to her, it is quite encouraging.

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