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Official, Valanyr Parted With Bigetron Era Games

Bigtron has announced his separation from one of its players, namely BTR Valanyr, following the announcement of the recruitment of ladies players posted on the Instagram story of the talent scout @btr_laliz. The news emerged a day after MPL ID S9 ended via Bigetron’s official social media.

Isna “Valanyr” Machdita, also known as BTR Valanyr, was a side laner at the time who had achieved a lot in the team. She joined the Bigetron ladies division since the team’s flag was still called Belletron Era until it officially changed its name to Bigetron Era.

Through a Clarification posted by the CEO of BTR, Edwin Chia on Twitter, the Side liners have decided to separate from Bigetron Era on their own free will, without being associated with any business. Previously, there were rumors that Valanyr would join other esports organizations such as MBR Esports and GPX. However, the explanation Starlest posted on Twitter seems to have answered some of the rumors.

However, further information regarding Valanyr’s career in the upcoming Mobile Legends scene is not yet available. While Bigtron Era has lost one of its gold players, now the team must immediately find a replacement to welcome the next season of WSL which will be held in the near future.

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